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> An asterisk (*) beside the link means that I'm not the author of that document.

> A red 'A' (A) beside the link means that that article is part of my "A list", and that used to mean something.

> Please note that some of these documents date back to grade eleven, and a few can trace their roots back even farther than that. As you know, our attitudes and opinions change over time - just as you might not agree anymore with some of the things you said ten days ago, it's quite possible that I no longer agree with some of the things I wrote ten years ago.

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Main (exempt from classification)

Home - The front page.
Contact - How to get in touch with me.
Content - This page.
First Visit - A place for first-time visitors.
FAQ - A place for second-time visitors who want to know everything.
Mini-Photo Album - For those who want a quick way to see what I look like.
Links - Links to some great and/or relevant websites.
Guestbooks - Unlike central joe, we welcome the all and sundry. No comments are too intelligent, nor too stupid.

Résumé - My Résumé.

Articles (now in reverse order, along with the other categories)

Last ski of the year?
The "End" of Geotagging
Response to "10 Things Christians and Atheists Can (And Must) Agree On"
A Big Bad Atheist Speaks Out
Inspiron Mini 10 specs disappoint
Facebook Valentine's x$$$
A Tale of Forgetfulness
Striking Distance
Skiing Adventures
this isn't what Facebook is for
The Social Hindenburg
Thoughts on the Budget
Internship Essay
Funny Phone Calls
Thoughts on the Inauguration
Leaving Japan, Never Easy (1 2 3)
The Coalition Explained in 30 Seconds by an English Teacher in Japan
Strange Bedfellows
The 'Net in Nunavut + The Herald Line
Social Studies Activity: Canadian Maritime Provinces
Why the Liberals are Doomed (or, An Offhand Rant Thrashing Politics)
The Hesei 20 Sports Festival
shuttle, Artifact, optical media, CPA night
Artifact news
they put the "No" back in Nova
North Korea
the week of hay
life in high school
DVD region unlocking
awkward moments
SMU building codes and addresses
the famous driving directions
the Dome and the Island
17062 never got off the ground
07978, thou didst better, though ye will not reach yonder Moncton
My Driveway
01366, Thou Art Kaput
I am no one's Idol
4-H: Heart A
Photo Journal IV: Bishop's Trip - "Before I Could See Past The End Of My Nose" A
The Driveway A
Photo Journal III: Frosh Week 2003 - "One Long Party, Part CCI"
3 Credits To Graduate? You May Be Transiting On Your Own Dime A
William's Problems *
'99-'00 Short Prose Collection
Photo Journal II: Frosh Week 2002, Other September Things
View From A Hole & Gainful Employment II
Photo Journal I: February - March 2002 A
Miscellany1 A
Rum & Coke / Report Card II Express A
NHL 2001 - And Now Four
NHL 2001 - And Then There Were Eight A
Report Card I
You Can't Go Back A
Gainful Employment I
The 1999-2000 NHL Stanley Cup Quarterfinals and Semifinals
Emotional Grab Bag A
And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder
Sleeping in the Solarium A
Mr. Barry Has Nothing On Me A
The CPA Constitution A
Offensive Content
I Requested Congo
Retreat Into Darkness
The History of the World *
The Inaugural Meeting
Comprehensive Survey A
The Ideal Practical Joke
How To Be A Moron A*
In The News
How to be Sensitive so that Girls Will Like You
The Day of Hell A


Farewell to Grande Prairie

Short Stories

La Femme Peintre   (English)
The Post-Gibson Continuum Continuum
What Resides
Typical Graduate Students
Memoir A
Joey A
The Santamarian Matador A (revised, much better)
A Mistake
Say It With Flowers
Disturbed Dreams
Souris (first drafts of above two, with pictures)

Postcard Stories


Bad Poetry

Ode to a Christmas Teacup Somewhere in the Back of the Cupboard
terrible poem #134


William Matheson's LAW Archive
William Matheson's CSC227 Message Board Posts
The Artifact, Chapters One and Two

Novels and Novellas

Sages of Time Part Four
Sages of Time Part Three
Sages of Time - Part Two: The New Age
Sages of Time - Part One: A Dramatis Personae of Sorts A
The CPA Revolution - Part Two: 20,000 Bricks Under the Roof
The CPA Revolution - Part One: The Plot Unfolds A

Imaginary Lands

Solaria A

Plays and Screenplays (see also: films listing)

Film Amateura Entherance
William Matheson's 'The Artifact' A (New! Totally revised! Super cool!) (Download now!)
Life After Y2K A* (Download now!)
High School: It's A Concept - The Parody

Reviews (also: read ratings system information)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Corvette Crossing
Take the Lead
Film Amateura A
The *very* best
Women A
The First CPA Film Festival
DS9-7 Checkpoint I
DS9 - Shadows and Symbols

Guides (see also: guides listing)

William's Star Fox FAQ A
The Site 'B' Guide to Xenogears A (incomplete)

Seasonal Rants

2002 A
Summer 2001 A
Spring 2001

Academic Papers (NOTE: I only post those papers that I know have absolutely no chance of being plagarized by someone evil and even lazier than I - and then only when I have a good reason to.)

A Late November Simulation (POL200.0C-00/01 B)


I got an A+ in CSC226, but none of the programs I've made so far are innovative or portable enough to be worth sharing. Check back here later.


local joe - At the time I made this up, poor Joe hadn't updated his page for weeks. Only the front page is available here, and though I admit that my 'humor' is sketchy at best (I thought that it was a total scream at the time), I still say take a look because you can drag your mouse pointer over his photos and see the ALT text I wrote to go with his different facial expressions. Also note the 'dates' of his postings. Yes, Joe is aware of this, and he's also aware that I'm not going to try anything like this again for a long, long while. You know what they say about glass houses...


MIDI directory * (Please amuse yourselves, I am too lazy to make a new links page for it.)


(I'll be keeping the new video out front; the links will not be recycled here.)
Neil's Opinion - My cousin Neil is given the space to vent his feelings. [:03, 320 x 240 QuickTime (MOV), 718K, with audio]
Basin Head - Kids jumping off the wharf bridge into the run. Lots of splashing. [:26, 320 x 240 QuickTime (MOV), 5.1M, with audio]
Greenwich A - A simple 360º-pan of the shore portion of the Greenwich Dunes Trail at Prince Edward Island National Park. [:20, 320 x 240 QuickTime (MOV), 3.9M, with audio]
Me - This is my "highly, highly inauspicious video debut." I set the self-timer and didn't notice when it came on. Then I forgot that I could set the camera to 'unlimited' record length, so I get cut off. I decided not to do a second take. [:30, 320 x 240 QuickTime (MOV), 6,109K, with audio]
Uncle Shane A - I told him to do something funny, so I could see if the video recording worked on Souris High's newest digital camera. [:10, 320 x 240 QuickTime (MOV), 2,108K, silent]
Kevin Richter Meets A Wall A* - The classic .avi gets a new home at Only 548K! The poor guy suffered a concussion, but he's okay now. Backstory: This was a Charles P. Allen High School Student's Council event that had people running with boxes on their heads for prizes. After Kevin completed the race, he didn't hear that he should stop running. [:02, 160 x 120 Audio Video Interleaved (AVI), 548K, silent]


Audiophilia - NSCAD Basic Sound radio show at CKDU, June 27 2005 [2:42:13, MP3, 148M]
Bear Attack - NSCAD Basic Sound project, June 2005 [2:00, MP3, 2.98M]

Legacy (older front page designs)

2002a - Brought in new navigation features. Followed by 2002a-2 (first, second).
2002 A - A long ugly period, but it features a box with a poem called "Snow" that can not be found anywhere else on (you think I'm going to open up a poetry section for one lousy poem?).
Summer 2001 - Brought along the whole "this is a website" feeling.
Spring 2001 - Move along, nothing to see here.
Shut Down! - We hope not to see anything like this much.

The Classic Websites

The Will Matheson Web HQ - The old, and still the best. Adapting it to fit was a pain in the
A View from the Solarium - Relates to Charles P. Allen High School. If this place was still named Will Matheson's CPA-Related Geocities Page when you were last here, than whoah Nellie, you haven't been here in a while.
Site 'B' - Relates to nothing. Basically a piece of crap, except for the Xenogears Guide.
Site 'B'2: Critic At Large - A CRS experiment. Worked out pretty well.
Freshman At Large - Relates to Saint Mary's University. A breakthrough in "William Matheson Web Design."

Projects (also: full project descriptions)

Will's Obligatory CRS12 Page
My TalkCity Page - I set this up to help a friend. (off-site)
The Halifax Source - Part of my final exam for my second attempt at CRS12.
"A Brief Introduction to Star Wars" by Colin Brown A - At this point, Colin still sort of owes me a favor. =) (2003 Update: It turns out this project wasn't even for Colin! I wonder how the poor guy who needed it to pass explained the "by Colin Brown" in the animated GIF to his teacher.)

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