Welcome to Site 'B'! This page features... well, all kinds of stuff! Or should I say it will feature. Just stay tuned! If you want to read something I wrote creatively, click here and see "A View from the Solarium".

Newest Articles: (actually everything that's here, oddly enough)
    RPG - The Site 'B' Guide to Xenogears (last updated September 5th... 1999)
    TREK - DS9-7 Checkpoint I (back when I cared enough to update this place)
    TREK - "Shadows and Symbols" (ditto)

Upcoming Articles: (in order of priority)
    NONE - I am NOT doing anything more with this website, at least not now. Nova Fleet and Voyager reviews never got off the ground. You can also see a ratings scale that I would have used just for sci-fi TV. Or even a document about when to watch Trek on TV! (note: that doc is several years out of date and therefore useless) My God, I must have been obsessed!

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    Deep Space Nine Season Seven

The Site 'B' Guide to Xenogears
    Xenogears (last updated September 5th)

Want a second (better) opinion? Did I miss an episode? (hahahahaha) Try Star Trek: Hypertext! That site rocks!! For comparison, I use the same four-star system that he uses. (nope, I use 5 now) I get my previews and schedules here. Try it, it's a fast server... when it works. But just remember one thing, you can only find Star Trek: Nova Fleet here! (hahahaha)
I claim no rights whatsoever to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Babylon 5, Crusade, Xenogears... NOTHING!! I acknowledge that most of the things I talk about here are trademarks, so I'm not planning to get $$ out of this somehow. I realize that what I just typed is a really poor attempt at legalese. And by the way, if someone says I'm not allowed to 'create' an imaginary Star Trek franchise, then you can tell them where they can go to if you get my drift.

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