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Watching Trek in Atlantic Canada (or: Getting More Difficult by the Day)

To see Star Trek in Atlantic Canada, you basically need a cable, country cable, or satellite provider that gives you either ASN,  WUHF (Fox 31), or WSBK (UPN). This is the sad truth. Just recently, our local CTV station (ATV) went and dumped all their best shows over to its sister station, ASN, which cannot be received without the above services. I am fortunate, for as of now, my household has cable TV. But the people who watched Trek on ATV faithfully for the last four years are not so lucky. I think ATV/ASN's actions are absolutely deplorable. I have had some correspondence with them over this matter, but to no avail. Bah. All times to follow are in Atlantic Standard Time (Newfoundland add 30 min; Eastern Time, deduct an hour).


On ASN: Every wednesday at 8:00pm.
On WUHF: Every saturday at 7:00pm. Check the TV Guide though, because they often move things around for sports.


On ASN: Every thursday at 8:00pm.
On WSBK: Every wednesday at 10:00pm, and again on saturday (start of sunday) at 12:00am.


This gets complicated... OK, hop aboard a time machine and keep going forward, popping out at three-year intervals to see if my imaginary Star Trek franchise is airing yet. When you find out and watch the episodes, DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING!! =)

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