Sunday, September 5th, 1999: Fast Walkthrough and transcripts complete to 1.8 Desert Attack!.
Check out the new FAQ, featuring the foolproof way to beat Ramsus and Miang on the second disc!!! My own super strategy awaits!!

The Site 'B' Guide to Xenogears

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Xenogears. Easily the best story and art experience you can get from a computer game. Xenogears seems to be setting its own little niche. It is a statement about life, love, good and evil. Playing the game is like reading a really good book, but of course along with all the elements of a good Role-Playing game. And you just can't beat fighting in giant gears! (My personal favorite would have to be Siebzehn, Maria's gear.)
So why is this webpage here? Well, I'll be honest with you: It's my Computers 12 Exam at my high school. But it is more than that. I've been wanting to discuss Xenogears at length for quite some time, but never got around to doing so. You won't find a lot of graphics and sonics here, but I think this page will soon be an invaluable resource for anyone who plays or wants to play Xenogears.

What's here:
About Xenogears
        - Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask... information about everything from the art value of the game to a breakdown of the battle system! A must-read.
        - Links to pages where you can find everything from GameShark codes to music and more!
Fast Walkthrough
        - Assuming you talk to everyone, I can almost guarantee this light walkthrough will get you through the game. There is detailed information on bosses, hidden stuff, dungeons, and even a plot commentary!
        - Deaf? You'll love this! Transcripts for every anime sequence!
Get help from Will
        - Read the "About Xenogears" and "Fast Walkthrough" and you're still stuck? Use this special form to drop me a line!
        - My favorite Xenogears MIDIs.
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