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Basin Head Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park - Photo by William Matheson
Basin Head Beach, Basin Head Provincial Park - Photo by William Matheson. William can be reached by e-mail at or via the ICQ network at 10615048.

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Latest Photos: August 2002 - December 2002
Latest Writings: Memoir (the best thing I've written to this point), The Santamarian Matador (completely revised, with new scenes and a better ending), Glasses (a postcard story)
Latest Video: Neil's Opinion (QuickTime, 718K)

Coming Soon: More short stories! I've got dreams about lots of other things, but more short stories is all I can promise right now.

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The navigation enhancements will be limited to the JavaScript deployment in the "front desk" area and the new links on the "articles" for the time being. I just don't have the time to reorganize everything - I would just as soon write more journal entries.

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