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Mini-Photo Album

If you merely wish to see what I look like, then you've come to the right place! There are fourteen photos here because I believe you need to get many pictures of someone to get an idea of what they look like. Or, you could just meet them for two minutes in real life, but this way is far more efficient. We'll never need virtual reality to communicate!

When you're finished here, you might want to look at my complete collection of photo series.

Hanging out at the campus bar. That's me on the right.

Yes, I like to party.

Taken during my five minutes with a gotee.

Before that I used to have a full beard.

Myself, my sister Ila Mae, and my other sister Rae-Ann (in the corner).

Me (bottom right) with some relatives.

Sirius and I relaxing on my dad's lawn.

Me, Ila, and Carolyn.

What're *you* lookin' at, you cretin?!
My high school grad photo, cira Fall 1998 for graduation in 1999. Note the old-school aviator-esque glasses, and the old-school hairstyle. I think I'm beyond fashion, though. I was kind of going for the 'timeless' look at the time, but people weren't responding to that. Instead, they generated rumors that I was going to blow up the school or something. I will admit that I'm not smiling, but I mean, high school was miserable, so what were they expecting me to do? Looking at this picture, I can see why I had trouble getting a prom date.

Aunt Shirley and I outside her house in Souris.

I'm told this is a more than decent picture of me, but I'm not really sure about that.

In Toronto. Note the new coat, and also note that I'm not enough of a wrestling fan to actually buy any of the merchandise aside from the better autobiographies (the belt belongs to my friend Mike) - though I did attend WrestleMania XVIII in March 2002.

Don't stop there - there's more where these came from. You can see me, my relatives, my friends, some scenery... all at the click of a mouse.

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