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Premiere Links Page

Hello, and welcome to's Premiere Links Page. This was once a listing of the very best of the relevant web, and for my own sanity it is left short and sweet. To join, just send me your URL and I'll check out your page and make a decision. It should be something fresh that you're going to keep working on. Thank you. For my older (mostly broken) links, please see the CPA Links Page. Speaking of, I'm looking for new personal websites to link to, especially sites built by CPA / SMU / Bedford people. It's time this place got a little freshened up.

Friends And Acquaintances - Larger Than Life - Music - Webcomics - Art - Relevant Organizations - Need To Know - My Interests

MichaelFox.Com - My only close friend still really doing anything online. (The personal homepage craze is over, folks - everyone's either given up or switched to weblogs such that we can read about what's in their fridge and what kind of dog food they feed their cat.) He's also executive of the up-and-coming White Lance Films (Ladies, he can make a real snazzy video of your wedding!). He was responsible for holding the camera off the floor for us during the shooting of The Artifact. =) His current stuff blows stuff of that era away, though. You can go to this site to get trailers for his upcoming films.
Emporium - My good buddy Steve has this page up for his artwork. He gets better all the time. He's going to MacKenzie College and hopes to start a career in animation.
central joe - Get an internet blast of fresh air with Joe Chisholm's central joe. There's some good poetry there to memorize.
The Odincrow Tavern - This site was put together by the coolest guy I know - Mike K.! Definitely check out his "Rifts Materials for the Power Gamer." (snicker... laugh... chortle) No wonder Mike and his buddies get kicked out of so many conventions.
Big Brother - Survival Edition - Is this a joke, you ask? Well, it's not on TV... yet. Mark Wolf is such a rabid fan that it seems cruel for me not to have a link up to his page. I think he has good taste in reality shows, too, and I also admire his dedication to projects like this.
Carolyn's Webpage!! - Back by popular demand!

Few of my friends have personal websites anymore (I have to take out broken links every time I update this page) - but if you still have one, I'd love to hear from you..

PERSONAL SITES FROM PEOPLE LARGER THAN LIFE: - This site defies explanation and categorization, but whatever it is, it's the best. The internet home of Paul Lutus, a Renaissance Man who has worked for NASA on designing the Space Shuttle, and who has been writing articles about ideas and thought for major magazines since the 80's. He also writes useful computer programs (Arachnophilia and AboutTime and JTides come to mind), and they're all free - or that is to say, he doesn't want your money. After reading about that, and all his other great articles, you will be a changed person. A good couple of days is well spent here. I can't recommend this website enough. If you're reading this, please visit.
Bill Gates Home Page - Seriously. As my namesake, he even has a little photos page just like I do! His visions about the future of computing are well worth reading.
isothermal - Getting tired of my banal Photo Series segments? Then go check out this real photographer's website. I know his brother, good ol' CW Swaine. Don't do anything stupid like visit with Netscape 4, though; his page will just bitch at you. This page, if you have a modern browser, is a jewel to behold. See, if I learned CSS and had PHP access on my non-server, I could get a girlfriend and be a super success just like him! =)
robin's Journal - This is the best LiveJournal on the internet, or at least the one composed by the most interesting and creative woman I know. It belongs to Robin.

They Might Be Giants - My current favorite band, based in Brooklyn. You've probably heard "Boss of Me" because it's the theme to Malcolm in the Middle. These people rule; get yourself a copy of Mink Car today! And remember, Dial-A-Song (718-387-6962) is just a regular phone call to Brooklyn.
The Official "Weird Al" Yankovic Web Site - It's a little bit boring as of late, but is still the best place to find current information about Al's recordings, DVDs, media appearances, and concert schedules. You'll always find it here first. And, oh yeah, "'Weird Al' rules!"
Men Without Hats - These guys have put together some killer songs over the years that everyone's forgotten about, except for "Safety Dance." <cries> "Folk of the 80's Part III" is an album that one can listen to over and over again just to enjoy the techno rhythms.
Amateurs - The offical homepage of Amateurs, Halifax's coolest up-and-coming indie rock band - unfortunately, they don't actually have a website yet. Send e-mail to now and demand your right to see an official Amateurs page! =) Anyway, back to the band - their songs are just plain fun to listen to (not to mention catchy), something that's been missing from the music scene lately if you only listen to Halifax radio stations. Paul Fox plays bass and does some vocals for this group - the musical genius of the Fox triad of talent.

(A * indicates that I have read the entire series from start to finish.)
Sinfest - Currently my very favorite webcomic. It's almost like a warped version of Calvin and Hobbes (my favorite newspaper comic). Please read the entire series with an open mind. You'll really laugh - and you'll stop to think quite a bit as well.
Exploitation Now - Hard to explain (to a minor). The characters and battles are done up in anime-style, and everyone spends a lot of time insulting each other if they are not fighting some giant tentacled monster or watching two faries having a catfight. There's a character named Bimbo who you never see anymore, and another named Jordan who's a slightly wonky twenty-something pseudo-lesbian with a cyborg arm. Very interesting stuff. See also: Errant Story.
Gene Catlow - I gave this one a chance and it quickly became one of my favorites. I love the world that this comic sets up, I love the characters, I love the old-school comic artwook, I love the comedy, I love the long-term plot, and I even love the morality play.
Cool Cat Studio - The Online Comic Strip - I love this webcomic for its 'book' style, exciting stories, and cute illustration. A keeper.
Avalon - An original, daily comic strip by Josh Phillips - A solid and often amusing 'long term plot' comic set in a ficticious Ontario town, and one of the better illustrated online comics (always a selling point with me). It's easily one of my favorites. Lately it's been easy to follow because it's never updated. =) *
When I Grow Up - The Comic Strip For Attractive, Intelligent People with Impeccable Taste - This one's great, too. I'll let the author describe it: "2 girls: A local TV News anchor and a career college student. 2 boys: A defense contractor and a bum. It's like Laverne and Shirley in the year 2051."
STRIPTEASE! - the comic - A surprisingly good comic about a guy who's trying to start up a print comic book series. Just when you think you've seen enough one-liners, a complex story and even a plot-arc kicks in. Not bad.

The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser - Absolutely beautiful! This Charlottetown-based artist shows off some really good work here, and although he's trying to make a living, the site doesn't read like he's always trying to sell you a print. The poor man has been making front-page news here in PEI lately - you know that novel "Zabibah and the King" published by Saddam Hussein? Poor Jonathon's "The Awakening" wound up as the cover, completely without his permission. But I guess the former Iraqui government felt that copyright laws were just for the 'little people.'

Welcome to Saint Mary's University - Since I'm being educated here, I figured the link would be relevant. Naturally, it's a much better and more up-to-date site than my high school's pathetic home page could ever hope to be (although I personally think it's too Java-heavy). If you've been accepted at Saint Mary's this year and received the PIN number they sent you in the mail, why not check out S.A.T.U.R.N.? The features of S.A.T.U.R.N. itself don't do much until your registration has been processed, but you can always check out something really cool called the Degree Navigator. But read the Academic Calendar and Registration Book first, or you won't understand any of it.
Live Audio Wrestling - They run a good show on Sunday nights, and they host the website of the de facto authority on pro wrestling (who also does his own good show). You can listen to the most recent LAW show online at any time. I write the SmackDown! reports for their website every week. - The Blade is back! It's scary what Steve Fox can do in his basement with just a broadband connection and a PII Linux box. He's becoming an internet philanthropist - he offers free webspace and e-mail as well as some interesting downloads.
Jennifer Aniston World - No, is not selling out to Hollywood, but it just so happens that my "Life After Y2K" producer likes Jennifer Aniston very very much, and so she started her own exhaustively complete fan page (and bullied me into linking to it). If you like Jennifer Aniston, go here. One thing I don't get is that if I were to put up a page like this dedicated to some random non-celebrity stranger, I would probably be under investigation and surveilance. Yet Heather gets to obsess about Jennifer Aniston as much as she likes. Explain that.
Crosswinds - Looking for a reliable and trustworthy web host? These guys are pretty nice, and a decent deal in terms of money, though some experienced-user features such as CGI have not been implemented just yet.

The Onion | America's Finest News Source™ - They're funny as all get out, not to mention that I share many of their sentiments towards many issues. Don't miss their articles about religious and/or sexual issues. Or how about Herbert Kornfield's articles?
Something Awful - The Internet Makes You Stupid - This is more of a community than a publication. They're infamous for things like their Awful Link of the Day (where I'm probably going to end up eventually, since I suck and can't write short stories worth shit). You haven't lived until you've seen a few Comedy Goldmines, maybe a Photoshop Phriday - but most of all, don't miss the Hentai reviews (some of the stuff isn't safe for work, though).
Lies, Damn Lies & ICQ Messages - I once said: "Everyone on the web using ICQ absolutely has to see this page. Find out the truth behind the rumor madness!" And that's still true... DiamondBack writes some of the best sarcasm I've ever seen... at this point, although I still come to hear about new ICQ rumors from time to time, mostly I show up to be entertained. Incredible. Actually, this site has been too successful - ICQ rumors aren't nearly as big a problem now as they were three years ago, and therefore the site rarely gets an update. Check out My Best Friend for a quick laugh.
The Brunching Shuttlecocks -- Comedy with a "Runch" - One of the best collections of original material on the internet. Ratings, cgi toys, movie reviews, conversations with the planet Pluto - it's all here. It's a site that will keep you coming back to look for more. There's no more new content on Brunching proper, but the Self-Made Critic and Ratings websites are still going strong.
The Infamous Exploding Whale - This must be seen to be believed.
The Sports Cliche List - I love sports. Specifically hockey. But if you, like me, have ever noticed the same television commentator's phrases cropping up again and again and again- well, this site is for you. We need to get them to put in a new section for wrestling, and then fill it up with everything JR says about government mules getting whipped. - Get in here and get yourself registered! Please provide additional information too. So far as I can tell, it's the most comprehensive service of its kind - but if you come here with thoughts of, say, e-mailing that long lost friend of yours, forget it. You have to pay first, and this site tosses just enough upgrade reminders in front of your face for it to be annoying. You can't even mention your website! Final thought: Register here, but hit or something to find people.

Working Designs - One of my favorite software publishers, Working Designs is well known for their packaging, excellent customer service, and their successes at localizing many lesser-known Japanese RPGs. They're the Lee Valley of video games. Among other titles, they are responsible for the English Sega CD and PlayStation versions of the Lunar series. Check out RPG Critic.
The Sad-geezer's Guide to Babylon 5 - Every Babylon 5 fan simply has to go visit this page. It's one of the most hilarious looks at B5 I've ever seen. Check out the Fun People and Ships sections.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - If you're a B5 fan more in the mood for research, then this is a better deal. The Lurker's Guide is by far the most famous B5 site out there, and for good reason. It's a little dry compared to the Sad-geezer's Guide, but the coverage is much, much wider and... well, I just can't explain how well this Guide covers the B5/Crusade production and Universe. If you want to know about anything even only remotely connected to B5, you'll find it here.
Five-Minute Voyager - In my opinion, this is the funniest Trek site there is. The project: To reduce every episode of Star Trek: Voyager (and other things, even Shakespeare) to a five-minute transcript (called a 'fiver'). The fivers are funny if you haven't seen the episode, and you'll be rolling on the floor if you have.
Star Trek: Hypertext - Probably the best Trek review site on the web.
The Cynics Corner - Probably the most cruel (yet still intelligent) Trek review site on the web.
wotmania: your number one source for the wheel of time - A series I read when I don't have something to do (which is rare).

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