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This section is definitely under construction, but still quite functional. We've crammed the elections stuff into a separate directory so that I can just advertise it on it's own, and delete it when the crazy people at SMUSA make me do so. How's that for convienience?

Elections at Saint Mary's University:
Fall Election '00 - William's Log (SRC First Year Representative - won!)
Spring Election '01 - William's Log (SRC Arts Representative)
Fall Election '03 - Posters! (SRC Senior Undergraduate Students Representative)
Will Matheson for VP External (2007 - SMUSA Vice President of External Affairs)

Elections at Charles P. Allen High School:
Election '98 - Will's Log (Vice-President, Grade 12 Representative - won!)
Election '99 - Will's Log (Valedictorian)
Election '00 - Will's Log
Council Contact Page (old)