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- What's with your e-mail?

My new e-mail address is, but I can still be reached at any previous e-mail addresses that I have advertised, especially Don't send mail to - I don't care what the mailto: links on the pre-2001 pages say, that address doesn't work anymore. Anyway, what is really interesting is this: You can put anything you want in front of the "", and it will still get to me. This is nice for many reasons: first, I can switch from "me" when I tire of it; second, I can use a new nickname whenever I like.

- Who is your host?

Crosswinds Internet Services, which can be reached at

- What was the process like in going from a cobweb-infested horror mansion of a website to something that looks half-organized?

Brutal! It was one up-half-the-night after the other, but I took a few weeks off in the middle of it and did nothing but play video games. I had to take that break, because I was also writing exams you see. In fact, I cared so much about my exams that I went out and bought an N64 just for the hell of it. But I digress. Most of the work was changing my immature long-form links into dot-dots and slashes, a job long overdue because I was finding links to my pages on GeoCities! Every single page had to be checked, and rechecked. Joe said to me when I told him of my plans that he didn't envy me the task, and he's more right than he knows. But I'm glad it's done, and updates will be much more painless in the future.

I spent probably too much time on customizing the java applets. Actually, it was the first thing I did, and it distracted me from the real work that I had to do. Putting quotes together was such fun though; I highly recommend the activity.

NOTE: I highly recommend the activity to self-congratulating egotistic losers. The quotes are also too mean-spirited. I should trash them.

NOTE: And now they are gone... for a while.

NOTE: And now they're back, slightly less mean-spirited than before.

- Why even have this place?

Because it's cool! How many people do YOU know have their own domain name? (Fortunately, that's not the only reason I did this, wanting a domain name alone would be fairly shallow.) Plus, I was tiring of the 'reliability' and 'speed' of the free services out there, and I wanted to provide my visitors with an "ad-free" experience.

Everyone and their dog is @hotmail, and I wanted to be @willmatheson. No more election posters with!

More questions? E-mail me, and I may include them in a future update. No one asks me any questions, but I think that's more to do with this site getting a dozen hits a year than my question-answering-before-you-knew-to-ask-it skill.

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