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 The CPA Links Page

IMPORTANT: Anyone who gave me a site to put on here in the past several months that does not appear on this list should send it to me again, please!! Submit a site to the CPA Links Page.

It seems to me that a few other CPA students have great web pages. I wish I was among them. Maybe someday there'll be a CPA Web Ring. The asterisks (*) indicate Mod Squad affiliated web pages. The §'s indicate Will Matheson web ring pages (I wish). The Ø's indicate defunct (or seemingly defunct) pages or sites. NOTE: All these people have given me permission to add their URL's to this page. Sites are (generally) listed in alphabetical order by last name.

            The Official CPA Web Site. A rather uninspired way to introduce our school to the world... but I suppose that it will have to do. IMPORTANT, BUT NOT FEATURED SITE
            ØThe Official CPA Student Council Web Site. I'd like to think I did better job with my unofficial council pages.
            The Official CPA Advisory Council Contact Page. Yep, the Student Council is not the only office to get elected into here at CPA! This is where you go if you have any complaints about CPA and we (the Student Council) already turned you down. PROBLEM: Karlie (G11-R) and Colin (VP) are on both!! What exactly do they do?! Does anyone remember when I tried to get in back in Grade 10? =)

            Alison Baker and Kevin Leo's BSB Fan Page. Yes! It's all about our favorite music group... get ready now... The Back Street Boys!! Yay! (errm...) Well, if you happen to like the Boys, then go for it!
            *ØGreg Baker's Web Page. This used to be a really cool page, but Greg dumped all the files off of it and... yoink.
            The CPA Internet Database. This page is a listing of the web sites, e-mail addresses, and ICQ UINs of many CPA students (though I have more CPA web links right here!). Maintained by Greg Baker. FEATURED SITE
            The Charles P. Allen Perspective. This page is the lesser-half of the CPA-P, it contains corrections, additions, and other official things. Also maintained by Greg Baker, co-editor of the Perspective and the Yearbook. FEATURED SITE
            Ian Banks' Web Page. Learn about Ian Banks... and you should also save that neat picture of Martock Mountain to your hard disk... I did. No snow on it, though.
           Jessika Best's Home Page. Very nice. A rather personal work on Jessika's part, for sure. In addition to Poems, there is also a place where you can see her full name... something few people on the internet do these days, sad to say. ULTRA FEATURED SITE
            Dyana C. and Jessika's Two Cool Chikas Home Page. For the record, I don't know what 'chicka' means, and they wouldn't explain it to me, either! They are writing a story about the "two princesses of Chikaville"... which promises to be quite interesting indeed. ULTRA FEATURED SITE
            Aaron Flindal's Web Page. Aaron's basic home page, he tells me he'll have new material soon.
            Øfreekshow's Web Site. At the moment, there's not much there. As far as I can tell, it's a music oriented place.
            Jill Geddes' Home Page. Her site sports lots of poems and stuff that are sure to freak you out, only because it's all the sad truth that she has captured. ULTRA FEATURED SITE
            Steven Gomes's Web Home. I like this page. Steve has some interesting graphics and links here. FEATURED SITE
            Lynette Grossmith's Awesome Web Page. Neato. Lots of pictures, links, etc... FEATURED SITE
            Lynette Grossmith's Home Page. WARNING: Do NOT let this girl fall in love with you, for she will paste your name all over her web site!! FEATURED SITE
            *Brian Haas's Web Page. The definite highlight of this page is the AVI video of Kevin Richter slamming into the gym wall with a box over his head. He has more stuff too, like an 80's page... and now he even more pictures and frames to boot! Pretty cool. Now he just needs a spell check. =) ULTRA FEATURED SITE
            Travis Harvey's "The Hole". I'm not a member, but as far as I can tell the only requirement is being a good friend of Travis Harvey! =) FEATURED SITE
           The Mike Johns Web Site. Read about Mike the magician! Learn his secrets! FEATURED SITE
            ØJenni Leonard's Web Page. Following in Greg Baker's footsteps, she dismantled 999 of her web site, all you can do is sign her guestbook.
            §Will Matheson's ICQ Idiot List. Self-explanatory. Don't worry, you have to work pretty darn hard to wind up on it!
            §Will Matheson's Site 'B'. This is my second web page, having little to do with CPA and everything to do with Star Trek episode reviews on a weekly basis. FEATURED SITE
            §Will Matheson's Talk City Page. A perhaps misguided attempt on my part so I could meet girls.
            Shawn Neily's Web Page. It's just getting started, but he seems to know more HTML than I do. =)
            Simon Payn's REAL Web Page. A real rap music fan, he is! And he's in "The Hole" too! What is going on?! =)
            Andrew Perkins' EWO Web Site. EWO stands for Extreme Wrestling On-line. I don't quite understand it all, but it has a lot of roleplaying in it. FEATURED SITE
            The CPA Pickle Jar Web Site. Peter Wybenga is the current editor of the Pickle Jar, our school's literary magazine. FEATURED SITE
            Jordan Richardson's Clan[fs] Home Page. Jordan Richardson, equipped with a cable modem and time to boot, has his very own internet gaming server... he supports Quake II and a few other games. I'm not a member, I use the internet solely for communication... but it's a well designed site worthy of being designated a FEATURED SITE
            Hope Rudolph and Harjot's Apartment Complex. Anyone want to adopt a dragon? This is the place! A joint-effort page, which means they must be really good friends! Some of you will of course wonder just who exactly Trebyl and daft punk are, and to that I say ASK THEM. FEATURED SITE
            Hope Rudolph's Personal Page. Hope uses this site to rant about love, friendship, the female world takeover movement, etc... She's got poetry, pictures, links, everything. Aieee! It's Gonzo! =) FEATURED SITE
            Allan Ryan's Web Page. The commentary of a disgruntled grade 11er! See what Lindsay did to him (that document is like the best thing I have ever read in the category!!)! Visit the hair hall of fame! See Alcatraz! Learn about the whimsical witticisms of Ms. Mansfield! (no further comment) Try it out! ULTRA FEATURED SITE
            The John Scammell Zone. Right now it's mostly links but it started off at a gallop.
            Vanessa Scammell's Web Page. Vanessa wants one of those new Volkswagen Beetles. Buy her one. FEATURED SITE
            Edgar Sullivan's Four Horsemen's "Bible". I gotta warn you, this page has a possibility to be VERY offensive, even more so than my own web site!! It is humor bordering on sac religiousness, but us more tolerant types may find it rather humorous. This guy really isn't as weird as you may think he is, and I'm not just saying that because he was my campaign manager! FEATURED SITE - OFFENSIVE CONTENT
           Swooping_Hawk's Web Site. At (his?/her?) request, I have abandoned CPA Links Page regulations and placed a link without a name to match with it. Reason: It's a pretty good web site. FEATURED SITE
            *The Mod Squad's Official Web Site. Craig Low is the author of this site, dedicated to CPA's hottest band. This means that the Gymnasium heats up when people enter. =) Actually, I shouldn't make fun of them, seeing that they now run the school. I heard a few (very old) music clips on Greg Baker's (now absent) page, they are actually quite a good band, despite my endless insults. Hey, I *offered* to host the Media Warehouse... between all my web pages I have like 39 megabytes of space left!! ULTRA FEATURED SITE
            ØKris Wheeler's Web Page. Self-explanatory. I'm not 100% sure if this is the correct page, either. I'm thinking that she tried to edit it and failed.

            Oh, I know what you're all asking me now: "How do *I* get to be listed as a FEATURED SITE, Will?". Nothing could be simpler. Just make a web page with interesting content... and UPDATE IT AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR!! I can field your second question, too: "How do *I* get listed as a site with OFFENSIVE CONTENT, Will?". Well, that's a trifle more complicated... hopefully I won't have to tack that label on!
            As of November 17th, 1998, there is a brand new category... ULTRA FEATURED SITE, reserved for only the very very best CPA student pages... I DARE you to try and swipe THAT award!! =)

            To submit your own web page, E-Mail me. Hopefully your site won't end up on this site!

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