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1999-2000 Students' Council Information & Contact Page
(also featuring the 1998-1999 Council, and the 1999 Graduating Class Executive!!)
I. Hierarchy & Contact List.
II. Current Party Standings in our legislature.
III. Last Year's Preps. j/k =)
IV. 1999 Graduating Class Executive.

            First you're going to say that I take this student's council thing way too seriously. Well, you're right! Hey, if anyone wants to join the Matheson Party of Canada as a honorary member, apply by clicking here and telling me who you are. Thanks! Ha-ha, well we don't have any seats or anything this year, but... =) I'm just kidding around, but you can still join my 'party' of course!! ADD: Everything on this site, especially this page, looks weird in 640x480 so use 800x600 instead.

I. Hierarchy & Contact List:

Organized Parties:
(none so far)

General Key:
= party leaders
§ = assassinated (none yet - NO COMMENT)
€ = deceased (none yet)
¶ = resigned position honorably (none yet)
Ø = kicked off council (none yet... but it seems almost inevitable, remember S. Gibb and T. Holland?)

Other Neat Stuff:
click on their names = e-mail a representative
click on their web site names = see their web page
# = their ICQ#'s
each new solid black dot is the next 'rank' down

Color key:
Non-elected faculty, Executive, Grade 12 Reps, Grade 11 Reps, Grade 10 Reps - BJH, Grade 10 Reps - GPVJH, Grade 10 Rep - TJH.

Return to the top. If you're on the council and would like me to put your contact information on this page, click here. I KNOW that there are more than three of them on the internet!!

II. Governing Party / Opposition Parties Breakdown:


        Independents - 20

Return to the top. If you're on the Council and you formed a party that I don't know about, click here.

III. 1998-1999 Student's Council contacts:

To save space, I have abandoned the bulleted list... hey, it's not like we're in power anymore! (Note: Anyone who got onto the 1999-2000 Council is indicated by ( )'s, go up there to see their information...)

FORMAT: E-mail [Goto their web site. ICQ UIN], ... etc..
Jeremy Strong, Colin MacDonald, Angela Ritcey, Kelly Brien, Brian Haas [Goto The Haas-Hold. 6563800], Brian MacKay [23367306], Tim Martin, Mark Louch, Kendra Bernard, William Matheson [Goto The Will Matheson Web HQ. 10615048], (Jon Saunders), (Brianna Courneya), (Olivia Hasler), Sarah Ready, Karlie MacKenzie [36335834], (Jaclyn Saunders), (Roy DeYoung), Laura Johnson, (Jamie Taylor), Erin Dillon, and that's all she wrote!

IV. 1999 Graduating Class Executive:

This is merely a convenience feature on my behalf... hehe, but it's here, and here's how you can get in touch with them:

FORMAT: E-mail [Goto their web site. ICQ UIN], ... etc..
Greg Baker [Goto Yoink. 6273689], Kelly Brien, Jeremy Strong, and our Valedictorian... Graham Little!

* * *

COMING SOON: More e-mail addresses... hopefully! Don't more people on the Council know about this?! I have to beg and plead to get them on here! =)

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