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Election '98 - Will's Campaign Headquarters
See the winners for Student Council Grade 10 Representatives.
See the candidates for Student Council Grade 10 Representatives.
See the winners for Student Council Grade 11 & 12 Representatives.
See the candidates for Student Council Grade 11 & 12 Representatives.
See the winners for Student Council Executive.
See the candidates for Student Council Executive.

ADDENDUM for 11/17/1998: Whoops, I didn't give any credit to my campaign manager, Edgar Sullivan! Well, it's not feasible at this time for me to go back and doctor my election logs... BUT everyone who looks up this page will see this message so in a way that is better than skimming over it. Thanks again, Ed!

            Yes, this is the unofficial biased log-book of the time we had CPA Election '98!! This is when we had this HUGE popularity con- uh....., democratic election of  representatives to our Student Council! The campaign started on Monday, April 27th, 1998! This would have been your best source for up to the minute information and results as the campaigning cranked on until May 29th, 1998, election day for the grade level reps! So we thank you for staying with us here at Will Matheson's CPA-Related Geocities Page! Greg Baker was doing an independent advance poll (long, long, ago in the land of Let's Pretend) and got us candidates to write profiles, and even though it didn't work out, here's his special election page.

        And here are the winners for Grade 10 Rep:

From Bedford Junior High: (elect two)
    Roy DeYoung
    Jaclyn Saunders

From George Philias Vanier Junior High: (elect two)
    Laura Johnson
    Jamie Taylor

From Tantalon Junior High: (elect one)
    Erin Dillon

Thursday, June 4th - ELECTORAL OVERTIME - DAY FIVE ---- ENTRY "A"
        Well, here it is. I got the names of the Grade 10 Rep Candidates:

From Bedford Junior High: (is this school getting overcrowded or what? they elect two)
    Mike Johns
    Sarah Ritcey
    Tricia Gerrow
    Jennifer Sears
    *Roy DeYoung
    Mike Ronaldson
    Lisa McCloskey
    Doug Gelevan
    Ashley Killeen
    Patrick O'Neill
    Matt Webber
    Aimee Semel
    Leah Randell
    Steve Bernard
    *Jaclyn Saunders

From George Philias Vanier Junior High: (elect two)
    Kristy Power
    Jennifer Roy
    Leslie Ribeiro
    Jeanette Evans
    *Laura Johnson
    Kris Castle
    Vanessa Cranston
    *Jamie Taylor

From Tantalon Junior High: (elect one)
    I don't know yet, because they did their own thing to elect the grade reps. I'll likely have the names by the end of June. I do know that five people ran out of the segment of the school that feeds into CPA.

Wednesday, June 3rd - ELECTORAL OVERTIME - DAY FOUR ---- WAITING...
        Today nothing of note happened to me or the election. Take my word for it. And I don't want to talk of the police sirens around noon.

        Today was Pep Rally day! Even though the rally was fun and cool and stuff, having to sit on the floor for 70 minutes really bit. If only to avoid the floor, next time I'm going to host the Pep Rally, and that's a promise!! Afterwards, we had a benefit thing for (gee, wish I remembered her name) a former CPA student who had cancer which included hamburgers, hot dogs, cotton candy, and shoes that you could put your name on for the volunteers to paste on the corridor walls. That's nice and all, but the line for burgers was so long that I saw Homo Erectuses at the front! I even said, "The hell with Grade Twelve!! I want a burger!!".

        The Grade 10 Reps for next year have been selected, trouble is that I never got their names from Ms. MacKenzie (you might know her husband, he's the skeleton you see in her room a lot), so tomorrow will be the last entry. (yeah right)

        Results in this morning for G11 and G12 reps for the '98-'99 CPA year: (G10 rep results in on Monday, hold tight now...)

Grade 11 Reps:
    Brianna Courneya
    Olivia Hasler
    Karlie MacKenzie
    Sarah Ready
    Jonathan Saunders
        - I don't know any of them well enough to crack jokes, but hey...

Grade 12 Reps: (P means they ran for President, VP Vice-President, T Treasurer)
    Kendra "name recognition" Bernard - VP
    Brian MacKay (of Mod Squad fame)
    Mark Louch (also of the Mod Squad) - P
    Brian "can't spell" Haas  (another Squadder) - P
    Tim Martin (does the Mod Squad run the school or something??)
    Will Matheson (me!! Yahoo! AltaVista baby! Lycos to ya all!!) - VP
        - Thanks to everyone who voted for me! See ya later in the rockin' year we're gonna have that will be 1998-'99!

Thursday, May 28th - DAY TWENTY-TWO ---- THE FINAL DAY
        We all voted today, but then there was a problem with the time remaining in the school day, so we will have the results tomorrow instead. Also, in response to the "Mr. Whitmann" who signed my guestbook, I would do nothing of the sort!! I'm the first to admit that last year I said some bad things, but I did NOT threaten to shoot people, I did NOT assault Mr. Whitman, I did NOT EVER make up a hit list, and if I have been elected, I swear that I will the best D-Word job as Grade 12 Rep, that's what!! (yeah, I got a little mad)

Wednesday, May 27th - DAY TWENTY-ONE
        Tomorrow is the big day! I took down my posters myself, then ran like a bat out of H-Word to catch the *#@% school bus two lengths from the main road. Lovely day. Hope to see you all from the victory podium tomorrow! All my hopes hopefully will allow this to be the second last entry.

Tuesday, May 26th - DAY TWENTY
        Fruit flies terrorized the lab today, and I got three brand new term projects! Well, cést la vie! Only two days left 'till the big day. I look back upon my campaign as 'low-key', yet effective. You're visiting my site, right? Thanks to everyone for their support!

Monday, May 25th - DAY NINETEEN
        See previous caption.

Friday, May 22nd - DAY EIGHTEEN
        I don't even want to talk about it.

Thursday, May 21st - DAY SEVENTEEN
        After a brief absence, I learn of the other candidates, specifically their names:
ADDENDUM for 05/29/98: The asterisks mean they won!

Grade 10 Reps: (G9's at BJH & GPV will vote for two, Tantalon students vote in only one)
    Go bug Bedford, George Philias Vanier, and Tantalon Junior Highs for that stuff.

Grade 11 Reps: (G10's get to vote for five)
    *Brianna Courneya (she sent me e-mail, so she gets the showcase listing)
    *Olivia Hasler
    *Karlie MacKenzie
    *Sarah Ready (weird.... the first four I listed won... I must be psychic.)
    Megan Woof-Mansfield (one of my 2nd cousins, no joke!)
    Chantal Gray
    Charlotte Jewer
    Adam Maher
    *Jonathan Saunders (any relation to Doug Saunders??)
        - if I made any errors, please let me know.

Grade 12 Reps: (G11's get to vote for six, P means they ran for President, VP for Vice-President, and TR for Treasurer)
    Kendra Bergman (if you can't tell the difference between the two Kendras, then why not vote for both?)  =)
    Sandra Butt - TR
    Tyson Hubley (does announcements)
    Lauren Corscadden (she drew the cute tigers) - TR
    Jessica MacDonald
    *Tim Martin (of Mod Squad fame)
    Elizabeth Sencabaugh
    *Kendra Bernard - VP
    *Brian Haas (also of Mod Squad fame, they must enjoy politics) - P
    Victoria Keirstead (of ISCF fame)
    *Mark Louch (another Mod Squadder, I just found out) -P
    *Brian MacKay (of Mod Squad fame too, their whole band must be in this!)
    *Will Matheson (me!!) - VP
    Peter Wybenga
        - if you see any errors, please tell me about them. If any more of us have web pages, for instance. Actually, I was suprised that more people didn't run.

Wednesday, May 20th - DAY SIXTEEN
        I put up nine posters!!

Tuesday, May 19th - DAY FIFTEEN
        Today campaigning started for the grade reps. I only saw posters for three candidates, though. Tomorrow I'm going to knock everybody out with posters! This will be the 1.75 weeks that define CPA!!

Friday, May 15th - DAY FOURTEEN
        I lost. Well, cést la vie! Watch out for me as a Grade 12 rep candidate! I'm gonna have posters to the bloody moon! Hey, Colin MacDonald's a great person, I'm happy for him! I'm not quite as happy for Jer, who used the Seinfeld theme to secure a victory, although he will surely do a great job, I'm sure. Well, if anyone wants to know, I voted Shawn Ahmed, Will Matheson, and Lauren Corscadden. Again, the winners are:

For President:
    Jeremy Strong

For Vice-President:
    Colin MacDonald

For Secretary:
    Angela Ritcey (by acclamation)

For Treasurer:
    Kelly Brien

        Congrats to all the candidates and especially the winners. I gotta get on their good sides, big time! =)

Thursday, May 14th - DAY THIRTEEN
        Well, where can I start? The speeches were all great except for mine. =) Suffice it to say that it was really cool, and if I weren't in it myself, I'd tell you who's speeches were best. I'll tell you who I'm/I  voting/voted for on friday afternoon. Sleepless nights tonight!

Wednesday, May 13th - DAY TWELVE
        Speech entry deadline. I am going to do two different speeches tomorrow, one for the grade 10's and 12's and another very brief one for the 11's because they know me already. =) We all find out that the Grade 12's will vote during lunch, probably to keep people from voting twice (say if you had G11 and G12 classes one after the other).

Tuesday, May 12th - DAY ELEVEN
        Will writes speeches in preparation for general teacher censorship the following day. For deity's sake, don't skip thursday and friday!! Woah! My font changed again! I must have been hacked! =)

Monday, May 11th - DAY TEN
        I notice that my default font has changed. Strange. The biggest news today was that Kel-Ann Organics across the street imported several tons of pig manure, with a sprinkling of bovine dung. At first, the smell was nostalgic, reminding me of my youth as a whiny farm boy. But after five seconds it was just repulsive. In other news, Shawn Ahmed put up a HUGE $200 poster at the top of the main stairs. Too bad the rest of the candidates agreed to take down the stairwell and lobby posters Wednesday night for the sake of Art Night. (at 7:00pm, I'm going, so you have to go too!!)

Friday, May 8th - DAY NINE
        Will was kidding about using first person from this point. =) Seriously, I would have liked to have tacked a poster up in the lobby, because people were thinking that I was just full of BS about running, and that I was booted out of the race. That is totally untrue. I was dragged out of the race. =) Just kidding, the 'Will' campaign is alive, well and strong! If you were on the second floor, you may have seen Will talking to various classes about art month, and the big art event next Wednesday at 1900h. (seven) I seriously don't know how "VOTE Will IN '98" managed to get on the back of the sheet of notes that I read aloud to each class.

Thursday, May 7th - DAY EIGHT
        In the name of democracy (and not getting expelled), Will removed a few derogatory references from his web page. Also, Shawn Ahmed approached every Jeremy Strong poster (no offense to Jer, that's just what Shawn happened to do. I am not saying that Jer is running on popularity, he is as good as any of the other candidates. For the sake of my campaign, I am reluctant to say whom I morally support at this time) and stuck up "Is this a popularity contest? On May 15th, you decide!". Unfortunately, the answer is yes, in some cases. I mean for everybody. Posters and Jazz make great politics, but I'm positive that a few candidates will get in on the basis of being able to do the best job. Also, Will got important information about the speeches on May 14th:

        Schedule for May 14th, Day One in four day cycle:    ALL TIMES AST.
                A Block - 900h Assembly for Grade 11's. 10's and 12's go to A block class.
                B Block - 1030h Assembly for Grade 10's. 11's and 12's go to B block class.
                        LUNCH - 1150h
                C Block - 1340h Assembly for Grade 12's. 10's and 11's go to C block class.
                D Block - 1410h D block classes, whereas candidates will use this time to remove all their posters.

        The fourteen speeches will be no more than five minutes each. From this point onward, Will will stop referring to himself in third person.

Wednesday, May 6th - DAY SEVEN
        Will has an appointment to see a horologist, so he leaves the school at noon. He doesn't get to the appointment on time, though.

Tuesday, May 5th - DAY SIX
        Someone ripped down Will's posters. All four of them! Three were salvaged and transplanted, but we have an APB out on "Top 10 Reasons To Vote Will In '98". If you have seen or heard of this or any other crime, send e-mail to! If your tip leads to a recovery, you would qualify for a cash reward of up to 25¢! Remember, at Will Matheson's CPA-Related Geocities Page, we want your information, not your name.

Monday, May 4th - DAY FIVE
        A good day, I only got two death threats.

Thursday, April 30th - DAY FOUR
        A half day. No posters, but lots of boredom. I hate the new half day format where we just have two classes now. I liked having four 40 minute classes better.

Wednesday, April 29th - DAY THREE
        Two more posters, and Will believes that he got all the rest of the candidates names committed to memory, not an easy task. Will puts to rest all rumors of getting kicked out of the race, and tries to kill rumors of a "hit list". That rumor started a long time ago (about a year ago) because of a certain things I said in Ms. Campbell's math class. It's totally untrue. Let's not dig up old stuff like that, gee, that happened before I was expelled for two months last year, involving an incident, with, would you believe, Brian Haas. =)

Tuesday, April 28th, 1998 - DAY TWO
        Will puts up two posters. Will gets exited, his web page got two hits.

Monday, April 27th, 1998 - DAY ONE
        Will arrives at school to find that everyone else got a jump on the poster race. =(

Sunday, April 26th, 1998 - DAY MINUS ONE
        Will edits his web page again and later wishes that he completed an English assignment. Will worries about his campaign.

Saturday, April 25th, 1998 - DAY MINUS TWO
        Will edits his web page and watches Star Trek.

Friday, April 24th, 1998 - DAY MINUS THREE
        The candidates for Student Council Executive are finally released to the school populace:
ADDENDUM for 05/13/98: The asterisks mean they won!

For President:
    Brian Haas (of Mod Squad fame)
    Shawn Ahmed (the guy with most of his posters beside Jer's)
    Graham Little (Football!)
    Tyler Grose (I misspelled his name before)
    Mark Louch (told the story about the chess harlem in club.... wait a sec... ...and he's in the Mod Squad as well)
    *Jeremy Strong (the guy with some of his posters beside Shawn's)
        STRANGE DETAIL: No women are running for president!

For Vice-President:
    Kendra Bernard
    Jill Matthews
    *Colin MacDonald (of Student Advisory Council fame)
    Will Matheson (me!!)
        STRANGE DETAIL: Usually a lot more people run for Vice-President! -ADD May 15th: I lost!! =(

For Treasurer:
    ADDENDUM for May 14th, 1998: Lisa MacLeod is moving to Seattle =( , so she's out of the running.
    Sandra Butt
    Lauren Corscadden (she drew the cute tigers)
    *Kelly Brien
        STRANGE DETAIL: All of them are women!

For Secretary:
    *Angela Ritcey
        NOT SO STRANGE DETAIL: Everybody hates being Secretary, except Hardworker Angie, who won by acclamation! She must have won by a landslide! =) She told me herself that this wasn't exactly her favorite picture, so I thought that I'd pass that view along.

ADDENDUM for May 7th, 1998: Angela requested that I remove the picture because she didn't like the idea of her pretty face being on the web. =) Hey, I DO remove stuff upon request.

            Our congratulations go to Angela Ritcey, our new 1998-99 Secretary!

            As always, remember to stay connected for more Election '98 news!

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