The Bulletin Page - Legalese 101

            For everyone's information, the whole dang site is best viewed in 800X600, in 24-bit color or better for the sake of my background(s) and CPA Graphics, and of course with Netscape Communicator 4.51, which I used to create this site, because it beats Internet Explorer 5.00.2314.1003CO by a nautical mile!

            Why is it so easy to offend people nowadays?! Ever since I set this site up I have made a lot of enemies. So recently (May 21st, 1998), I have begun a site-wide sanitization program. "In The News" was pretty much removed, and I think that will go a long way.

            If you want to see what the effects of the latest scandal I've caused are, or if you just want to view the latest threats on my life, you've come to the wrong place! Look at my essays themselves, or view my guestbook! I get flames on an almost daily basis (but I also get positive responses, thank you all very much), and I found out a while back that there was a plan to evict me from Geocities. But the biggest influence upon my eventual succumbing to creating this mini-page was a complaint about my links.

            I have no intention whatsoever to remove any.

            By putting those links there, I did not break any rules. If you actually follow those links, that's your problem. And, I meant to put them there as a sort of light-hearted humor, in the context that people were copying pictures out of Playboy in Essay #1, and people did ask me if my site was at in Essay #3! I was just kidding about 'sister site'. I deeply regret ever posting Essay #5.
           And another thing. I think that it's rather obvious that Playboy is at et al. Besides, these front pages are filled with advisories and such before you actually see anything. You know, I didn't actually test out the URL's before I put them in, because I knew that there would be web sites at those places.
            Then there's my use of colorful metaphors. That's yet another problem. I did rate my site with RSACi. and I'm not trying to offend people. But recently I realized that it was getting out of hand so I took out quite a bit of it.

            ***My latest problem-causing article was Essay #11 (and Essay #12 and the endings too, I suppose...), otherwise known as "The CPA Revolution". Although I am incredibly proud of it... Jen Holdway was not. She did not appreciate her name being in it... unfortunately it's a little late now to rip it out... "The CPA Revolution" is a novella, not a list. (FYI Jen Holdway, in the story, left Mr. Mead's Quantum Physics 541 class and started TEACHING Mr. Burke's Biology 12... *I* thought that the role was complementary!!) So this is a public apology: I'm sorry, Jen Holdway, for putting you in "The CPA Revolution" without asking you beforehand.***

            Again, I created this site using Netscape Communicator 4.50's Composer utility. It's the greatest thing in the world for what I needed it for, for sure! Get it! I also think it kicks butt for bookmarks too!! Get it!

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