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The Will Matheson Web HQ

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Today at The Will Matheson Web HQ, we are pleased to announce the annexation of The Foxy Guestbook, which can function well as our new main message board. We hope you enjoy this alternative, fast, and painless means of expression. Of course, our individual site guestbooks will continue to run as usual.

            Links to all pages made by William Matheson can be found here. This page was created for the purpose of my not having to write "" on a piece of paper every single time someone wanted to visit my web page, only for them to report back and say they couldn't get in because they typed the slashes in wrong.

 I got it for free at

E-mail me. - My résumé. - Photos (10 new photos in the Me, Family, and Secret categories!). - Extended contact information.


Freshman At Large
Freshman At Large - As of September 2000 I've started university (St. Mary's), and it's about bloody time too. I can't see myself writing a terrible lot about the university per se, but rather this place will become the repository for my online creativeness over the next three years, as it's time to retire A View from the Solarium. Of course the title of this page will have to change every year. =) FRAMES / NO FRAMES

A View from the Solarium
A View from the Solarium - All about my old high school (CPA) and its people. Read one of my 20+ essays (including 2 novellas), listen to some interesting music, and just read lots of stuff about the Student's Council and the school in general when I was there. NO FRAMES

Site 'B'
Site 'B' - What the banner says notwithstanding, there's nothing of substance here but two (count 'em, two) VERY old Deep Space Nine "reviews", but I do have a guide to Xenogears in the works as well. Not finished yet, but if you were wondering how to beat Ramsus and Miang, you've come to the right place. You also have the option to ask for my advice, which saves me from writing an entire FAQ (but I'll do that someday!). NO FRAMES

Site 'B'2: Critic At Large
Site 'B'2: Critic At Large - Nothing is safe now. I'm tackling the pressing issues of TV, women, and religion! During the NHL Playoffs, this place will really kick into gear, as you'll also get periodic reports as long as the Penguins or any Canadian team are still in action! Look for many more discussions in the future! Want to know which TV themes I like? I forgot to mention LA Law's theme in my critique, so now you know. NO FRAMES

My TalkCity Page
Sheesh. I need to get a life. I think I picked a nice quote though. NO FRAMES

The Halifax Source
An important part of my CRS12 Final Exam. Remember that. Final Exam. What I am saying here is that this page is entirely ficticious and I accept no responsibility for it's content or possible misinformation. It isn't real. There are no sponors or media releases. NO FRAMES

Will's Obligatory CRS12 Page
See what happens when the motto becomes "don't worry about the HTML and technical stuff like that! Let the students learn it for themselves!". Watch out for the broken links in here. If you get an error message, replace 'www2' with 'www'. NO FRAMES


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