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My 'office' hours as SRC First Year Rep for Semester II: 12:30pm - 1:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; 5th floor of the SUB. (Room 509, SMUSA Offices)

Hello all, and welcome to Freshman At Large, brought to you by arts student William Matheson. Now I know that my color and layout choices are nothing short of appalling, but the layout at least does encourage clairity, and I hope you've come for the content anyway.

IMPORTANT: Were you sent here to gaze upon some new content of mine, but you can't even see it? Hold down the shift key and hit reload. Follow those instructions at least every couple of weeks. =)

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02/04/01 - In the words of Men Without Hats, "this is the big one." Will be updated semi-daily. POSTINGS:
Spring Election '01.

02/??/01 - Perfect Works #2: Solaria - That's all I'm going to say. Maps are nearly complete, and looking awesome.

There are basically six unique things you can do here. First, there is the content, which is divided into three categories. Perfect Works are the upcoming crown jewels of the site. These are rich, imaginative documents that chronicle the stories and the thinking behind a complete working imaginary place. (For those wondering where the term came from, SquareSoft regularly puts out an art book with Perfect Works in the title to go with a recent epic RPG.) Those who want to read something more relevant and current may want to check out my Essays. Usually they are only Essays in name, if not in content and structure, but they always manage to be entertaining. The third category, Other, isn't really a category at all, but a repository for things that don't fit into the previous two categories... my infamous Election Logs, for example.

#1: CPA2 - A look at a ficticious renovation to my old high school, C.P. Allen. CPA2 is the setting for my partly finished "Sages of Time" saga. Also includes details about what I had in mind for the series. (see
A View from the Solarium for more)    view    full-screen

#1: Souris - A good collection of both fact and fiction concerning the PEI town of Souris. Look for a short story called Disturbed Dreams.   
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#2: Experiment - Feeling lazy? You don't even have to *read* this essay! Click inside for details. There might be more recordings in the future, so stay tuned.    view    full-screen
#3: Gainful Employment I - The first episode of Gainful Employment, detailing my experiences at Lorchem Industries and the Dundas Plowing Match, plus my dreams for the future.    view    full-screen
#4: A Mistake - The story of the House of Commons, Rick Thomas, Joey, and a box of bones.    view    full-screen
#5: You Can't Go Back - I made two trips to PEI during December 2000, here is a brief summary of the first.    view    full-screen
#6: Report Card I - The full report of my academic achievements for the 2000-2001 Semester I academic period at Saint Mary's University, carrying with it the usual wit and humor you've come to expect from me. Also includes an unfinished essay about Frosh Week, and even some material about Metro Transit.    view    full-screen

Spring Election '01 - Spring 2001: A huge election. Both SMUSA executive and most of the SRC were up for election. I ran for Arts Rep. Or maybe Off Campus Rep. I haven't decided yet. =)   
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Fall Election '00 - The very first SMU SRC (Student Representative Council) Election Log by yours truly. Up for election: Engineering Rep, Arts Rep, Graduating Rep, and First Year Rep. Naturally, I couldn't resist sticking my nose into it, and as a result I ran for Frosh Rep.    view    full-screen
Repository - A continually updated record of interesting e-mail I recieve. No, it's nothing anyone would tell me in confidence, I wouldn't do that to people. We're talking more about general insults and the odd death threat here. Last updated 11/21/00.    view    full-screen

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for visiting. You make the late nights trying to string all this crap together worthwhile. =) And if you haven't been hanging around the HQ before, I urge you to visit A View from the Solarium, where there's a ton of other creative work by yours truly. Read The Artifact! =) And you can check out my latest critiques at Critic At Large.

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