History History of Events at Freshman At Large:

02/04/01 - In the words of Men Without Hats, "this is the big one." Will be updated semi-daily. POSTINGS: Spring Election '01.
12/22/00 - Here it is, what you've all been waiting for... POSTINGS: Essay #6: Report Card I.
12/10/00 - I put together a quick 'essay' to tide people over until "Report Card I" and the Special Project come out. I also realized that my history entry for "A Mistake" should say the 11th month, not the 10th! POSTINGS: Essay #5: You Can't Go Back.
11/18/00 - Finally got some work done around here! I've made the titles of the articles a different color so they'd show up better... this was done especially with the "Other" category in mind. POSTINGS: Essay #4: A Mistake.
09/28/00 - Okay, now I'm allowed to say whatever I want again. Awesome. I would also like to take this time to declare Freshman At Large's Grand Opening Month (October 2000) since I have, as I said, at least one of everything. RE-POSTINGS: Fall Election '00, with the final results. POSTINGS: Repository.
09/27/00 - Maybe the site is complete now, since there's at least one of everything. I'm talking about the Perfect Works series, and the first of the planned set of three has been completed today. Definitely check this out if you're a "Sages of Time" fan! POSTINGS: Perfect Works #1: CPA2
09/25/00 - Due to regulations pertaining to something I'm not allowed to talk about anymore, something has been removed for a couple of days. You'll have to figure out what it was yourself, I'm afraid.
09/18/00 - We are unleashing much upon the populace this late night and early morning. First of all, the Graphics page has finally launched, which should please Nikki Quinn. Already there are many more pictures there than ever were on the CPA Graphics Page. And on top of that, Fall SRC Election 2000 is upon us. Stay tuned, we're just getting the party started. POSTINGS: Fall Election '00.
08/28/00 - The links page continues to be revised and updated, though I won't bother posting a new history event every time I do so. POSTINGS: Essay #3: Gainful Employment I.
08/13/00 - Some new links added. POSTINGS: Essay #2: Experiment.
08/12/00 - Freshman At Large officially, quietly launched. Premiere Links begun. POSTINGS: Essay #1: Souris.
07/28/00 - Infrastructure for Freshman At Large set up. Guestbook soon added.