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As of now, I'm not doing up a full-fledged "films" section to go along with the other major content categories (content list, photos directory, elections directory), but I will probably change this eventually in a future update. For now, my screenplays will be listed in the category "Plays and Screenplays" back on the content list page.

William Matheson's 'The Artifact' - A show about unconventional high-school relationships. Where does one find happiness? Not to be missed. (Updated with new screenshots and much more!) Now available for free download! (Click to enter download section of Artifact website.)

Film Amateura Entherance - Under odd circumstances, Michael Fox begins filming a half-finished screenplay, unaware of the trouble it will cause.

Films by others:

Life After Y2K (click to view screenplay), by Calum MacLeod, directed by William Matheson - The human race gets wiped out by the Y2K bug. This short film explores what it would be like to go to high school in such an era. There is additional information concerning Life After Y2K on the old "Artifact" page. Now available for free download! (Click to download directly - 92.8M, Windows Media)

Film Amateura, by Michael Fox, directed by Michael Fox - The pre-production and production process of Film Amateura has an unofficial home on the web through photo sub-series in PS12 and PS13.

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