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*** The title of this proposed (and then deep-sixed) film has changed from "Film Amateura" to "Film Amateura Entherance." This has happened because the creator of the "Film Amateura" concept, Michael Fox, intends to do another film using the title. However, in the scripts themselves, "Film Amateura" is still referred to as "Film Amateura." ***

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Selection from proposed Film Amateura Entherance soundtrack: "Eternal Blue [Instrumental]," by Isao Mizoguchi, one of the ending credits selections.

I was glad at first that this movie wasn't going to be made, now I'm not so sure. I am, however, quite happy that I wrote it. I'm seriously thinking of reusing some of the elements of "Film Amateura Entherance" proper in another story, but there would only be a little of this left. I will go on the record and say that the screenplay is fairly interesting.
Version 2.01 download/view or HTML edition Version 0.90 download/view or HTML edition
- Somewhat different from the first version.
- Tells more of the "Film Amateura" experience and genre.
- My character plays somewhat less of a part.
- Explanations are laid for the making of the film but not as much for the situation.
- Interesting locations - including a proposed trip to Prince Edward Island!
- Definitive closure to the Zachary/Jessica subplot, which seemed unnecessary in 0.90.
- More fake trailers.
- More gratuitous battles.
- Purer and to the point. A little shorter. More romantic in a way, because there's less.
- The real "Film Amateura" takes on more importance.
- The situation is explained a little more, and it seems more plausible. However, the making of the film doesn't take on the same importance as in the revision.
- One of the actors from "The Artifact" makes a surprise cameo appearance in a very funny scene.
- Things generally flow a little better.
- Ends when it should.
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Use the HTML links if you would like to view the scripts through your web browser. I thought that would be a useful feature. =)

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Joe Chisholm's "Gomlet's ICQ Message to the Masses" Review
by Joe Chisholm

I fail to see the point of it, actually.

Michael Fox's "Hey, I created the idea for this movie!" Review
by Michael Fox

Will, Film Amateura is AWESOME!

discourse - review
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