This is a blog that I’m running to express my long-form opinions on stuff and potentially to tell stories, potentially personal stories – we’ll see. I might review things, too! Endless possibilities!

I previously blogged on LiveJournal (and I still post informal or personal things there from time to time), and also somewhere else before I regularly posted there, but finding that old one is an exercise for the reader. Before blogging was a thing, I set up separate “sites” for things – all static pages. (This is the first dynamic page-generating thing I’ve allowed on this site, aside from an aborted forum.) Here’s my “first post” from 1998.

I had aspirations of becoming an informatological technoperson. I went to school for two years for that. Check out my portfolio if that side of things interests you.

Rules for the site: You must register to comment, but anyone with access to an e-mail account may register. The first comment is subject to moderation. After your first comment has been approved, subsequent comments will go up automatically, but if I catch you spamming or threatening to cook and eat someone’s children you’ll be banned.

Oh, and don’t pick higher than a “G” rated avatar, or else it won’t display. As the folks at OKCupid would say, blame America.

And if you register but don’t post a comment, your registration could be trashed without warning. I seem to be getting a lot of suspicious registrations.

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