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The CPA Revolution - Ending C: "Best Case Scenario"

            ... the forward pipe, heading straight ahead. He soon arrived at a closed grate, and at that point Will realized that he had gone the wrong way. Will kicked out the grate and jumped out...
            ... into thin air. The floor was twenty feet down. It was the Ramp. "Aaaaaa-" THUD.

1725h - Tuesday

            The brawl in the gym was proceeding nicely. But Jer, beating up another TSF solider on the stage, heard a loud THUD sound. He headed for the Main Stairwell to see if he could find out where it came from.
            He found a few students wandering around the Upper Solarium.
            "Did any of you hear a THUD noise?"
            "Yeah.", replied one of the students. "It came from over there." She pointed towards the Ramp entrance.
            Jer ran as fast as he could. Maybe I can stop those damn TSF people from escaping! He opened the door, ran down to the first landing, hoping to find an operative who was attempting escape, only to find an unconscious Will Matheson. Ack, I don't need this! Jer ran back to the gym to rejoin the fighting.
            The next person to see Will was a little more gracious. Devon walked down the ramp and kicked Will in the gut, bringing him back to life speedily.
            "Oof... wha?", he uttered.
            "Will! Wake up! The TSF people are escaping! I saw them run down the Cafeteria Stairwell!"
            "Oh... it's too late now, I'll bet. It would have been nice to know who it was."
            "I think I can provide some insight on that.", someone said.
            Scott and Jamie Gibb were then seen climbing up the Ramp.
            "We decided to leave the TSF.", Scott explained. "You see, I would have missed staying here to make fun of you. Plus, I have too many girlfriends. And I never really wanted to separate from Nova Scotia and Canada."
            "Cool, but who was the leader?", asked Will.
            "I think you know who he is, and he's not from Tantalon.", hinted Jamie.
            "I know... Mark Wilbur!"
            "Correct.", said Scott.
            "Wait a second... then Tantalon didn't want to separate at all!", shouted Will. "This entire mess was just an excuse for you and your armed thugs to take over CPA!"
            "Correct.", said Jamie.
            "Well, if you people will just call off your operatives, then we can-"
            "They're already gone.", corrected Scott.
            "Every one?"
            "Every single one."
            "In that case, we have no time to lose. You two should accompany me to the gymnasium for a little speech. You too, Devon. Let's straighten this all out.
            They all went back to the gym, climbed the stage, and explained their involvement to the students present. Scott explained that he would no longer keep the title of President, in exchange for this incident not appearing on his permanent record. Jamie explained the whole bit about the computers. Devon explained Mission: Cheetah, and Will explained why he was chosen to be President Interim.
            Afterwards, in a formal ceremony, Will gave the 'key' to the school back to Jer Strong. The Student Council was back on track.
            A few students demanded small bribes to keep their stories safe from Sackville High, but that came as no suprise to anyone. Eventually, though, everyone was well paid off, and everyone returned to class by thursday, before the deadline. The School Busses were running again too.
            "Well, sir. Everything's back to normal... except that the school's half destroyed, but there's nothing that can't be fixed!", Will said cheerfully to the principal on thursday afternoon.
            "Go to class.", replied Mr. Whitman.
            I'm right, everything really is back to normal.

1135h - Friday

            Will Matheson and Gavin Beck showed their passes (labeled 'fellow councilor' and 'boyfriend' respectively), and entered the 'possessed' wing of the Nova Scotia Mental Hospital.
            "Her cell is just down the hall.", pointed a guard.
            Gavin was the first to peer inside the two-way mirror. He was absolutely shocked. He saw Angela sitting in a corner muttering "Resistance is futile. Submit to the TSF. Resistance is futile. Submit to the TSF. Res...", you get the idea.
            "Can I talk to her?", Gavin asked a guard.
            "Sure, but it won't do much good." The guard handed him a microphone.
            Gavin lowered the microphone to his mouth and began to speak. "Angela? Is that you?"
            "... Submit to the TSF. Resis-... Gavin? ... - is futile. Submit to-... Gavin?"
            "Good!", encouraged Will. "You're disrupting the control of that device!"
            "Yes, it is I, Gavin Beck."
            "Gavin... help me... plea- Resistance is futile. Submit to the TSF. Res..."
            "I don't know how to help you."
            "... is futil- You must... help me... please... Submit to the TSF..."
            "Wait a second, Gavin. Look!", Will pointed out the device on the back of Angela's neck. It was now flashing and overloading. "Keep it up! You're going to free her!"
            "Angela. All you need to do is think. Think for yourself, and..."
            KA-BOOM went the device, knocking Angela unconscious.
            "Wow!", shouted a doctor. "We've been trying that approach for days!"

1345h - Friday

            Angela slowly regained consciousness. Gavin was gone, and Will was sitting beside her bed reading 'The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy: A TRILOGY IN FIVE PARTS'.
            "Where's Gavin?", she murmured.
            Will sat up, suprised to hear her speak like herself again. "Oh! You're back! Well, Gavin had to go to work, but he says he'll call you tonight."
            "Oh.", she replied, disappointed.
            "The doctor told me that once you're awake you could return to your duty as secretary. Kendra Bernard was filling in for you."
            "That's nice... well, I guess I've missed enough class as it is."
            "Yes, I suppose you have. Well, I'll be waiting outside then. We can leave anytime."
            Angela took her time getting ready to leave, then walked out into the hall. Will was reading his book again. They both started towards the lobby to check out.
            "Why did Jer and them send you to return me to CPA?", she asked him.
            "Well, Angela! I thought you knew! I'm the only one with a free this period!"

And so the saga ends. CPA bounced back to being a great school once again, but soon it wasn't just a great school, it was a truly awesome school. Taking some of the Council's ideas about corporate sponsorship into reality, things just kept getting nicer. The Pit became a 'Free Smoking Space' provided by DuMaurier. Player's Light sponsored the addition of a fourth floor, on the condition that health related courses could not be taught inside it. And Coca-Cola still paid the school off for only selling Coca-Cola products.

Before long, everyone forgot the entire TSF incident, except for the Mafia, who chased Mark Wilbur down for every red cent he made for the rest of his life. Will was pleased to know that the Mafia didn't hold CPA responsible for the lost cash investment.

Yes, all's well that ends well.

            Yes, the ending you have just read is indeed bright, but what would have happened if Will had chosen another way at the junction?
            To find out, click here. Or maybe you've had enough and it's time to view the Afterword. I suggest you do, it's a good insight into this novella.

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