willmatheson.com is the personal domain of William Matheson, and this page is the place where he’d write what he’s up to right now if only it wasn’t doomed to be out of date mere weeks after publication. For the time being, he lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Starting last fall, I have taken strides to make this website much more aware. For the first time, my journal (or “blog,” if you prefer) is available here, and we also have integrated search, which should make much of the older material easier to find. We’ve also dumped superfluous features, including forums and guestbooks (spam-havens, both), and the goal is to keep this site lean and effective. [I've optimized the site for Firefox on Windows - other Gecko-based browsers should work well, too. In IE 7 it's OK, but a bit wonky (you'll notice that the menu items are left-justified instead of centered, among other things) - but at least it works. Outmoded browsers like IE 6 and Netscape 4 will not be supported.]

2008 marks our 10-year anniversary! We started in March 1998 as “Will Matheson's CPA-Related GeoCities Page,” – the purpose was to distribute my high school diatribes and tirades online.

In 1999 we moved to Crosswinds and became “A View From the Solarium.” Before the dot-com bust, Crosswinds had free hosting with unlimited space and no ads, so we also integrated with some of my other former GeoCities websites to become a new realization of “The Will Matheson Web HQ,” which was previously just an Angelfire site created because some people couldn’t handle the long Athens/Academy/3549 GeoCities URL.

In 2000, I started at Saint Mary’s, and the notable spin-off site from this time was Freshman At Large, which lasted (predictably) for one year – the other three or four sites from the 20th century never really got anywhere and are best left to the true devotee.

In 2001, we finally got a domain and real hosting and became and became willmatheson.com. We were at BlackSun initially – times change: we had (and quickly outgrew) a 25MB package, and now their smallest package is 1000MB! – soon we were back at Crosswinds. In 2004, my friend Cedrick set me up at GloboTech. After a few easy years there, I went back to Crosswinds in 2008.

Will Matheson's CPA-Related GeoCities Page


I don't know, but I do know that Estonia will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its de jure independence, and Illinois will celebrate 200 years of statehood.