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PS21 - Home

September 23rd, 2005: (Home life & food + Ostroh Day)
October 9th: (Home + trip to Rivne with Roman Sh. and dealing with Ukrainian Customs)
October 25th: (return to Ostroh + a little breaking and entering)
October 25th: (everything's OK + friendly children)
November 10th: (The Doors of Ukraine)
November 30th: (early morning music)
December 10th: on what is food
December 10th, 13th, 14th: (at home, sick for a week (many reflections))
December 27th: (preparing to go to Poland)

Some photos from my room... here is a birthday card Roch and I made for Olya.

My laundry... =)

This is a new walkway that Roman and his father built in the summer; beautiful work!

Roman in his usual place... =)

Here is a message I tried to write, but my family didn't understand it. I was trying to let them know not to wake me up... I think I had the day off work, because I've got "9:00 Robota" crossed out.

Some friends of the family were over at the end of July... my host mother is second from the left.

Left: Olya.

I wrote a fair number of postcards... not to the ridiculous extent that I did on the last program, though... and these days I'm kind of burnt out on postcards and mail altogether. =)

Roman and Volodim, at checkers.

My host father and his car.

Mid-November. It may have been the fateful day that I decided to let my beard keep growing. This was not well-recieved by most, and I should have chickened out.

Roman is quite an accomplished knitter!

Some turkeys out in the late-November touch of snow.

November 30th: Roman knits a toque for Olya - probably a Christmas present.

Look at the cute little tufts!

And yes, we had a White (Western) Christmas, December 25th:

There are a few more home pictures from after my trip to Poland...

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