Site 'B'2: Critic At Large
Site'B'2: Critic At Large - Critical (yet humorous) examination of daily issues...
Site 'B'2: Critic At Large

Good morning! Welcome to my newest website... Critic At Large.
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What's here:
         - Examinations of daily issues...
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NEW AS OF 06/08/00 - IN BRIEF:
Um... the whole page, actually! This is just testing... soon we'll have tons of stuff here! First something about women; then an article about the 1999-2000 NHL Stanley Cup Quarterfinals, then a digression comparing, among other things, DragonBall Z to Pokémon; then we'll take a spin into religion. And if we have time, I might discuss politics.

All the stuff that's fit for the web...

1. "Women" - All about our favorite gender.
2. "The 1999-2000 NHL Stanley Cup Quarterfinals and Semifinals" - All the hockey you can stand.
3. "The *very* best" - What's better, Pokémon, DragonBall Z, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, or Fraiser? =) (discussion of opening songs only, more to come soon)

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