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Web Projects

Here are three projects for you...

Will's Obligatory CRS12 Page - Check out the travel section and my proto-résumé! Fun, fun, fun. I cleaned it up for

My TalkCity Page (off-site) - My poor friend Devon Day was in trouble with her TalkCity site, so I made one up myself so that I could help her and others... haha no, she wasn't in that much trouble, sad to say. Oh well, it doesn't matter... contrary to popular belief, I'm not in love with her or anything.

The Halifax Source - This was part of my exam for my second attempt at CRS12, where my course mark was 99 (thank you, thank you). There is this small demographic of people like me and my buddy Mike Kidson and a few others who do really well in CRS... maybe all those other courses should be a little more like it! Anyway, The Halifax Source is an entertaining and ficticious piece of journalistic work. Check it out.

"A Brief Introduction to Star Wars" by Colin Brown - Colin Brown's exam project for CRS12. He's since graduated, so I think I can now freely say that I did this. It was put together overnight, and I think it's a pretty darn good little website. I wonder what grade he got on it.