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PS18 - 2004 SMUDS Awards

The Awards Night...

William ("loot etulosba"), Erin, and Jarvis, during the party. This photo, and many on the table shown, by Sara.

These are the pictures from the April '04 SMUDS Awards Night. Thanks go out to Sara (smu_sara) for taking a lot of these pictures. An editied version of this page, with just the best photos, will probably end up part of Photo Series 18, but visualize a glacier - it probably won't get done until the cows come home and discover antimatter rocketry. We'll see. Anyway, for now, here is almost every picture, in a LJ-exclusive-for-now!

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The award winners! From left to right: Er, someone I don't know, Kariann, Mike, Adam, Erin, Jarvis.

Ann and Mike. "How much for chicken wings?!"

Stephan (New Member Award) and Elie (Most Improved Actor Award).

William, Erin, Jarvis.

We're about to elect next years SMUDS executive. Darrell, with the constitution, making a pronouncement: "There shall be no..."

Jarvis, with his Unsung Hero Award. Way to go, Jarvis!

Preparing the ballots. Actually, I think just about everything was taken by acclamation, which is good because it's less stressful that way.

We're all just little pawns in Ann's great evil plan.

Centre: "See no evil..."
Right: "I sure hope this ends up behind an lj-cut!"

Adam and Sara.

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