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Photo Series #25: Université Sainte-Anne, 2007

NEW, 10/2007: Read my journal entries from Saint-Anne! Many are in French!

In 2007 I had one of the most unique experiences of my life when I recieved an Explore bursary that permitted me to take a 5-week French Immersion program at Université Sainte-Anne (Church Point, Nova Scotia). As the director of immersion programs, Dr. Jean-Douglas Comeau, put it when we finished, "You've all been to the biggest universities, and now you can say you've been to the best university."

I liked it there so much that I stayed for three weeks following the Spring session - through Young Canada Works (Jeunesse Canada au Travail) I was placed in a grocery store in nearby Comeauville, and because of that I got to see the first week of the Summer session.

Needless to say, my French improved dramatically - on a 1-10 scale, I'd say I went from a .2 (that being faded memories of Grade 9 French) to 2. I have a basic lexicon, can function a little conversationally, and can communicate effectively. If you're a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and are attending unveristy full-time, you owe it to yourself to check out this program. You can have the time of your life basically for free!

I. Photos (goto video)

Click on the images below to see the associated pictures (Facebook login required). Session name. Special Events.
Spring 2007    (May 13 - June 16)

May 13-18
Les Olympiques Comiques

May 18-20
Soirée Toge, Soirée Hawaïenne

May 20-25
Canotage, Tournois du Soccer, Sortie à Weymouth, Golf, Boîte à Chansons

May 25
Soirée Halloween

May 26

May 26-27
Soirée Années 80

May 27-29
Souper des Pauvres,
Spectacle: Molière

May 29
Noël (1/2)

May 29-31
Noël (2/2)

May 31 - June 1
Tournée de la Balle-Molle

June 1

June 1-2
Soirée Louisianaise

June 2

June 2-3
Soirée Tex-Mex,
Voyage: Port Royal (1/2)

June 3
Voyage: Port Royal (2/2),
Voyage: Grand Pré (1/2)

June 3
Voyage: Grand Pré (2/2)

June 4-6
Tournois de l'Hockey-Bolle (1/2)

June 6-7
Tournois de l'Hockey-Bolle (2/2)

June 7
Tournois de souque-à-la-corde,
Boîte à Chansons #2

June 8

June 8-9
Soirée Années 50 (1/2)

June 9
Soirée Années 50 (2/2),
Chasse au Photos

June 9-10
Soirée Casino

June 10
Sortie sur la mer (1/3)

June 10
Sortie sur la mer (2/3)

June 10
Sortie sur la mer (3/3)

June 11-12
Spectacle des Ateliers de Danse Traditionelle et de Danse Sociale, Expositions des Ateliers Collage Souvenir et d'Artisanat, Spectacle de Atelier de Musique

June 13-14
Expositions des Ateliers de Bijoux et d'Arts, Spectacle de Atelier de Théâtre, Spectacle de Vidéo Souvenir

June 15

June 15-16
Banquet Final, Soirée Anglaise
Young Canada Works / Jeunesse Canada au Travail   (June 16 - July 2)

June 16-23
Bowling, Sortie à Yarmouth (1/2)

June 23
Sortie à Yarmouth (2/2)

June 23 - July 2
Summer 2007    (July 2 - July 7*)

July 2-6
Les Olympiques Comiques

July 6-7
Soirée Toge

Cellular Phone Pictures

Cellular Phone Pictures
Young Canada Works, Summer

Chasse au Photos images
June 9 - Spring

* - The summer immersion session went well into August, but we continuing workers were only semi-official participants in it (we didn't have language contracts, for instance, and some of us lived off-campus), and I returned to Halifax at the end of my work term.

II. Video (goto photos)

Click on the images or links below to see the associated video (Facebook login required).
Video Title & Description Date &
Running Time
A Big Poem for a Débutant 1

Theo's poem, as recited at the first Boîte à Chansons.

May 24th
Grape Catching

Animateurs show off their talents in anticipation of either the second café theatre or the second talent show, or possibly both. Philip tosses grapes to Marc; Rory has a timely suggestion for Luc.

June 4th
Nous allons voir le wizard... / We're going to see the Wizard...

A dialogue sketch featuring Colin Wolfe as the Tin Man and William Matheson as Dorothy.

June 7th
Le temps des cathédrales

"Le temps des cathédrales" (Luc Plamondon) as performed by Jono Logan (vocals) and Jared LeBlanc (piano) at the second Boîte à Chansons.

June 7th
Sunday Night Rehearsal, Part 1 of 2

Kaitlyn and Ryan rehearse their talk-show sketch where Kaitlyn confesses her problems to Débuno, who then proposes a "solution."

June 10th
Sunday Night Rehearsal, Part 2 of 2

Jessica plays her new Information Session song for us.

June 10th
Will contre le Laboratoire des langues / Will vs The Language Lab

Kayla and Afton's sketch, with Kayla acting the part of Will Matheson and Afton acting as the recording of Mme. Igot.

June 12th
Bert and Ernie: Counting Sheep

Ernie (Luc) can't sleep, so Bert (Nicolai) advises him to count sheep...

June 12th
Sesame Street + Saint Valentine's Day (& cards!)

1. Ryan and Lorianne (Yip Yip Martians)
2. Ginette (Oscar the Grouch)
3. Alaa and Mamadou (Aloysius Snuffleupagus and Big Bird)
4. Lionel (Count)
5. Luc promotes the Spectacle de Musique
6. Luc promotes St. Valentine's Day and the card exchange
7. Luc, Nicolai and Ryan demonstrate said exchange

June 12th
Le Spectacle de Atelier de Petit Bois

Not to be outdone, the Petit Bois workshop put on their own "spectacle"...

June 13th

(Just a small indication of how crazy things were promised to be that final evening, after we'd torn up our contracts.)

Colleen nearly ran into me just after the video stopped recording (my memory card was full, if you can imagine such a thing).

June 15th
Contract Flambé

The final moments of the French Immersion program at Université Sainte-Anne, Spring 2007.

June 15th

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