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PS18 - June 6: Sacred Heart Prom

This is my friend Tanya, whom I had the privilege of co-escorting.

Frank, left, is Monica and Berndt's nephew - the B.'s family friend over from Germany for a few months. Yes, I had to compete with Jon (Tanya's brother) and Frank for Tanya's attention all evening. Actually, no, the girls were much, much worse in that regard. But Prom is really for the girls anyway. It's the last dance of high school; it's about dressing up; it's about dancing and feeling fine, one last time, busting the rhymes. Not to say that Prom doesn't have meaning for the boys either, but much of their sentiments aren't printable even in a screened post. =)

Any tips on how to get the motion blur out of those two? Corel PHOTO-PAINT 8 has a way to increase blur, but nothing to be rid of it.

Jon. The world bores Jon.

Er, me, trying to capture my l33t good lookz with my camera.

You'll see some use of cropping and zooming over the next few images; I hardly felt that it was my place to elbow aside all the eager parents whom had just finished putting their children through an expensive private school, for the purpose of allowing a family friend's friend or somesuch to get in and take pictures with a tiny camera.

Same, cropped.

Same, cropped.

Oh! Someone's coming!

Tanya, Danielle

The girl in the middle is Ana E. (I say this to distinguish her from They Might Be Giant's Ana Ng.) She's one of the few girls Jon gets along really well with, so we should all step back and give them some space, right?

Gillian () and Tanya.

Okay, this is where I was instructed to barge my nosey self into the picture, and...

A penny for her thoughts.

Tanya and her mother, trying to avoid a fashion emergency. (A few people advised me that it would be wise for me to keep my camera on, as it was the year of the strapless gown.)

Right: Tanya's father.

Again, the world bores Jon.

Camera talk!!

Left: Vanessa. She is teh aw3som3. Such a good sport. So friendly. She asked me to dance with her, later.

Tessa and Danielle with their parents. Their father knows my Uncle Nick in PEI! They live in his neighbourhood! Small world! Well, small PEI, anyway.

Tessa was rather funny. She had grown up with an etiquette book, and so was able to explain which spoons were for what / whom and the like. This gave me the opportunity to reminisce about my long-ago summer job at a fancy tearoom on the north shore: "I just placed them randomly! I am such an Islander!" Tessa: "Now you see why I had to leave, Daddy!"

Oh. So that's what happened to my wrist corsage. Actually, they ended up in my hair later. Oooh, karma.

Prior to the Father-Daughter Dance.

Tessa is also teh aw3som3.


Manual. High exposure, high ISO. Whee! Too bad I didn't have my mini-tripod; I could have gotten some l33t night shots.

But I was supposed to be dancing, wasn't I? I did, a few times. More than I do at most dances, more than I ever do sober. =) But not enough; I still had to suffer nuns watching me and others mocking me - I guess I just don't fit in very well.

The end of one story and the beginning of another (which, thank Heavens, is not documented on my part). Pictured here is a map to the after-party. Getting there required:

1. Being invited to go to said party by several of the girls.
2. Being told where to go to get directions.
3. Being driven there by Tanya's mother.
4. Being handed a copy of the directions that were to be given to the head limo driver.
5. Photographing said directions. (this is the step you see - some alterations were made for confidentiality)
6. Being driven to Tanya's by Tanya's mother.
7. Downloading my pictures into their computer.
8. When deciding whether to take along the camera (and navigate by looking at the picture in playback mode), being invited to print off said picture by Tanya's father.
9. Discovering that their printer / plain paper fax is tempermental.
10. Rebooting their computer.
11. Tanya's father logging me back in.
12. Printing said picture.
13. Driving to said party in my p-i-m-pin' ride - my stepfather's 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan SE wheelchair van.
14. Ending up in Lawerencetown, 10 miles into the back woods, because of leaving Jon in charge of the directions. =)

But, somehow, we made it (... out of there ALIVE!!!)!

Any comments on typical high school graduate WRITING!!! would be appreciatied. its the awesome.

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