willmatheson.com - Screwed over by BlackSun

Boo-hoo... One of BlackSun's Cobalt RaQ $erver$ went wonky, and my site was completely lost. Yes, I will be returning shortly... the speed will be determined by how long it will take me to show Paul back home how to upload all my files back to where they were.

All that you can see right now is the Early Spring '01 photo series and my résumé, unfortunately... but I guess it's better than nothing. Also, when you see the original front page return (or possibly its Summer '01 variant), you'll know I've gotten everything back on. Alternatively, you can always visit my old website at Crosswinds - lots of stuff still there.

The worst that could happen is that I won't have the original site back until September. Grrrr! Anyway, I'm working on Sages of Time Part Three and you'll have that as soon as it's complete, and possibly an update of the front page area when summer hits. For now, I will just remain pissed off beyond belief. To me, a 'backup' means using a tape or Jaz drive - so now we know that when BlackSun promises a 'backup,' take it with a ton or three of salt. At least they gave me three free months on my account - but I'd rather have my site back. This just sucks beyond belief.

In the meantime, check out central joe.

Faithfully Yours,
- William Matheson

You can now again (thank God) e-mail me at w_matheson@willmatheson.com. Yes, they managed to zap my e-mail aliases out of existence too... don't you love these people already?