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April 21st, 2003, 4:45pm

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 1   General / General Board / Re: ARGGHH!!!!  on: 04/21/03 at 16:42:43 
Well, I got my software today, if you can believe it. I had lost hope. The ship date read 04/17/2003 (last Thursday; the date of Passover and Maundy Thursday), and today is 04/21 (Monday; Easter Monday), so I can't fault them for slow shipping.

The envelope contained 7cds in paper sleeves shrinkwrapped together, a letter from MSDNAA saying that they're sorry for the delay and that they hope to see me at the next seminar, and another letter stating that, yes, the legal agreement in the installation dialouge is the legal agreement that we will be bound to by using the software.

But remember when I said that they might have mixed me up with the William Matheson from Dalhousie? (even though I filled out everything exactly, brought along my SMU id, and explicitly stated I was from Saint Mary's... I know, I know) I think I was on the right track. The address on the envelope read:

William Matheson
Dalhousie University
93 Giles Drive
BEDFORD,  NS    B4B  1B9

Idiots. Kind idiots that are sending some of us our software, but idiots nonetheless. This is evidence that all their records concerning who came to the seminar and who filled out questionaires mean nothing. Maybe they should get some IBM software going to sort all this stuff out.

Oh, and hold on, there's something else I must do:

I have my software and yooooouuu don't.... neener neener neener...

Okay, that's out of my system. Take care everyone. Go easy on the cakes and ale.
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 2   General / General Board / Re: assignments  on: 04/18/03 at 20:19:22 

on April 17th, 2003, 5:13pm, Midnight_d wrote:
Well, I'd really like my mark!  And I'd also like to be able to pick up I disagreeignments... this is really frustruating.

stupid censoring half-joke: We'd all like to be able to pick up our own a-s-s-e-s. =)

"I diagree, I disagree!"
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 3   General / General Board / Re: ARGGHH!!!!  on: 04/15/03 at 00:54:04 

on April 14th, 2003, 5:13pm, jcoickle wrote:
did anyone get their .NET software from the MS presentation at the casino yet?

Wait, didn't we talk about this already? Oh, right, nobody has their software. I'd say that I felt like the whole "we'll mail it to you" thing was a bill of goods, but I've said that already, too. Man, they're getting sloppy. In a couple of weeks, we ought to launch another volley of polite e-mails asking if they still intend to follow through on their promise. But if they don't, that should be okay - I mean, it's not like we gave them anything but our attendance at the seminar. Besides, the more local darn thingyheads (I love that word) in the CSC department have paid for and were planning to set up a download server such that we could create our own copies of said software - when's that going to happen? My guess is they heard about the Microsoft Academic Tour and slacked off, and Microsoft heard about the paid distribution thing, and they slacked off, and now nobody has anything. (or "nobody has nothing," which is another popular way of putting it)

I'm glad I don't need special software to prepare my English assignments, but that doesn't mean I like writing term papers very much more than writing bad computer programs.
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 4   General / General Board / Re: This hardware has to go...  on: 04/13/03 at 00:20:14 

on April 12th, 2003, 4:13pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
after a few minutes you cant so you have to post again i know that for a fact:)

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 5   General / General Board / Re: This hardware has to go...  on: 04/11/03 at 21:41:31 

on April 11th, 2003, 12:32am, D7 wrote:
god**n, another post..

What is the model number of the NeXT?

You know, there IS a 'modify' button. =)

Hey jc, I thought your personal ad was hilarious.
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 6   General / General Board / Re: end of year, thanks for all the help guys  on: 04/11/03 at 00:01:06 

on April 10th, 2003, 3:09pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
yeah wish i could have spammed more too ;)

And I wish I could have succeeded in convincing everyone that writing computer programs is a waste of time, but nobody listened to me. Every one of my posts is/was a work of art, but I guess I'm getting enough attention for my own good already considering I'm a hardcore newbie.
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 7   General / General Board / Re: assignment 9  on: 04/10/03 at 23:55:12 

on April 10th, 2003, 4:28pm, D7 wrote:
:) Last minute all the way.

Neo (available on the Y!IM network at wickedneoq) needs help right now (23:54, assignment due at 00:00). Someone please give him a shout!
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 8   General / General Board / Re: Action Script Developers Needed  on: 04/10/03 at 23:51:07 

on April 10th, 2003, 9:01am, Ryan wrote:
Attention Action Script Developers!!

If any of you have experience developing with Action Script we may have a position for you. There is an immediate opening for one or more Action Script Developers with our company located here in Halifax. Please contact me at for further information. The position will not last long so do not hestitate if you are interested.

We can all probably handle the 'script' part (I've written lots of scripts - I even made one at the create-a-play event earlier this academic year), but the 'action' part sounds tricky. Anyway, what other kinds of scripts do you want? Tragedy? Romance? Comedy? I'm not good at writing action scripts yet (The Fugitive (199x) was awesome, and I think it sets the standard), and besides - it seems like every time you turn around, a new action movie is coming out. Been there, done that.
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 9   General / General Board / Re: Stupid ass me!  on: 04/10/03 at 23:46:40 

on March 30th, 2003, 1:51pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
no, i love my lcd screen :D

Man, I'm sick of hearing about you and your stupid-ass rich person's toys! =) If you come on here to talk about your new Dual G4 PowerMac with your Apple Cinema Display, I'm going to f**king spam your punk ass off the planet! =)
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 10   General / General Board / Re: This hardware has to go...  on: 04/08/03 at 18:58:37 

on April 8th, 2003, 1:51pm, jcoickle wrote:
for sale:

1Ghz AMD, 768MB RAM, 64MB video, 40GB HD, 17" monitor, sound, nic, 2 web cams, WinXP Home.
Palm M505, 8MB, color, 3 pens.
old NeXT server w/ 15" monitor.

$1500 obo.
Whaddyer think this is, the Bargain Hunter? =)

If we're going to do that, f**k the classifieds - bring on the personals section! We'll call the thread, "Hall of the Desperate."
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 11   General / Old Messages / WWE RAW / WWE SmackDown!  on: 04/04/03 at 01:45:42 
Tickets for the Tuesday, May 6th SmackDown! taping at the Metro Centre go on sale tomorrow morning (Sat, Apr 5th, 2003).

There may be tickets left for the live RAW the previous night (May 5th), but they'd be both upper bowl AND obstructed view. The floor seats sold out in five minutes the day those tickets went on sale (a few weeks ago).

If you can only go to one show (and I suggest you go to one - seeing a WWE show live is better than television if you get in a good crowd), I would suggest going to the SmackDown! show. Although SmackDown! is sweetened (so the audio that Thursday on UPN / The Score won't be pure Halifax), the actual wrestling tends to be better - plus the show will be over at a reasonable hour such that you can go home on the bus. (The RAW show could go as long as 12:15am, and that's not factoring in the fact that there may be a special extra for the local crowd after the show goes off the air.) Also, since SmackDown! is taped, there won't be any looooong commercial breaks with little or nothing going on. But hey, see both shows if you can; they will both at least get SPECTACULAR heat since this is Halifax and RAW hasn't been here since 1997.

I've got a few ideas for things to chant at the RAW show. First, if Triple H is still the World Heavyweight Champion on May 5th (I have no idea who he'll be facing at the Backlash PPV since he's buried practically everyone on the RAW roster), then I suggest we all fire up this chant:

"We - hate - Triple - H"
(repeat ad naseum)
(* - This isn't heel heat (such as "You suck!" for Kurt Angle). This is because we really are sick of HHH.)

Also, here's a good idea for a sign should you be lucky enough to be sitting in the lower bowl on the TV side (I'm on the TV side, but I'm high up in the upper bowl ... Section 32, Row R, Seat 1 to be exact):

"When's Fozzy coming to Halifax?"
(for the benefit of our favorite wrestler: Chris Jericho)

The Rock will be off to do the Walking Tall remake, so don't expect to see him at RAW (he's only staying until his match with Goldberg ("You're next, Rock!") at Backlash). On the SmackDown! side, Kurt Angle won't be there, but the rest of the roster will be, perhaps including Austin (though he certainly wouldn't be wrestling). We *can* look forward to Chris Benoit, Rhyno, Team Angle, Los Gurreros, Matt Hardy (Jeff sucks), Undertaker, John Cena (who, by the way, will be at the Metro Centre Saturday morning when tickets go on sale), and lots of other people who can actually work. At the RAW show, expect to see Jericho, Shawn Michaels (he will DEFINITELY not be wrestling, but he's great on the mic), Criple H, Booker "glass ceiling" T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Lance Storm, and (unfortunately) Coach and (fortunately) Terri.

I'll be posting more on this topic as the semester winds down and we get an idea of what the cards are going to be like.
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 12   General / General Board / Re: Changelings (William's "big" announcement)  on: 04/04/03 at 01:22:55 

on April 3rd, 2003, 1:03pm, Neo wrote:
2 questions: ONE: Is there free food to go along with the free admission? and TWO: Are there going to be coffeehouse preppies there like in that one poetry reading episode of Third Rock?

As much as i am an english lit fan (and sadly i'm not), i do have something better to do on friday... like watch my Cathode Ray Tube (i'm kidding, i mean my television because the Brazilian GP qualifier is on... long story)

1: No, but a bunch of us will probably head to the Gorsebrook later. 2: Probably not.

I guess there are better things to do with your time; I'm just trying to pimp my stories. =) Anyway, I don't even know if I'll be able to make it there as I've just come down with the Flu (and as Midnight_D has no doubt noticed, I've missed today's lectures).
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 13   General / General Board / Re: assignment 9  on: 04/01/03 at 22:41:43 
Bah, let's just mail it in. =) I'm burnt out - too many English papers too close together. I could do with the exam break starting this weekend.
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 14   General / General Board / Re: Fire in Loyola!  on: 04/01/03 at 21:20:01 

on April 1st, 2003, 1:58pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
called we wanted High-Speed Internet and the only one avaible at the time was Satelitte Internet so it took a while to set up:)

Satellite internet? That's expensive. On TOP of that, you have to pay for a conventional dial-up ISP for your uploading (mouse clicks, etc.). You guys must have been rich or something.

If you ask me, I think all you high-speed losers are a tad spoiled. =)
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 15   General / General Board / Changelings (William's "big" announcement)  on: 04/01/03 at 12:52:37 
Think you'll be bored this Friday night (April 4th, 2003)? Planning to spend it alone in front of a Cathode Ray Tube? Well, have I got the fix for you!

Put on something presentable and come to the English Society's Creative Writing Anthology (this year it's called "Changelings" or something) book launch Friday night at 7:00pm in the Art Gallery (the big carpeted room with all the weird junk in it near the Loyola Grab N' Go). Admission is free.

I'll be there of course, because I have two short stories in it (which are available for free on my website, so you don't have to buy the book if you're only interested in reading my short stories), but do come for the readings and the mingling. I was asked to do a reading from "The Santamarian Matador" and I agreed, but 1) I haven't heard a confirmation and 2) TSM isn't one of my favorite stories, anyway (though it is about Saint Mary's). (I should probably write a story about CSC this year.) Anyway, I've got to "jet" and I'll talk to you later.
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 16   General / General Board / Re: using .obj in dev c++  on: 04/01/03 at 09:41:25 

on March 27th, 2003, 12:46am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
add the obj file to your debug folder, and then add it in your project as normal

How does that warrant a smiley? That's like:

"Add two pinches of oregano to the sauce. "
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 17   General / General Board / Re: Fire in Loyola!  on: 04/01/03 at 09:39:26 

on March 31st, 2003, 9:27pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
Virginia where my parents live :)

Don't they have internet down there - or were you up in the western hills living as hillbillies? "Da internet? Zars, whaddy'er wont dat fur?"
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 18   General / General Board / Re: End of Year Party  on: 04/01/03 at 09:37:18 

on March 31st, 2003, 9:26pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
meh i had a good time, girls came up to me to dance, and i didnt need a frosh leader outfit;)

Maybe I should've went - but I'm not cool, secure, and sure of myself like you. =) Girls don't like guys like me.
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 19   General / General Board / Re: Fire in Loyola!  on: 03/31/03 at 17:19:38 

on March 30th, 2003, 1:52pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
i start to go psycho the month i didnt have in VA.... no comment;)

VA - do you mean Venezuela or Virginia?
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 20   General / General Board / Re: End of Year Party  on: 03/31/03 at 17:17:41 

on March 30th, 2003, 9:14am, Rugger wrote:
No one there?

Excuse I guess you didn't show up around 10:30, cause we had over 200 poeple in the place. Come on you should know anyone, who is anyone shows up late. And just to tell you the party was very good. If you didn't go, I should tell you, you missed the best friday night at the pub since I have been here and that has been 4 years.

Notice the qualifier, "best Friday night at the pub." =)
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 21   General / General Board / Re: Slow week?  on: 03/31/03 at 17:16:38 

on March 30th, 2003, 1:56pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
think shlon-g ....

Ohhhh... Cripes, how many euphemisims do we need for "p***s?" =)
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 22   General / General Board / Re: Slow week?  on: 03/30/03 at 04:48:14 

on March 29th, 2003, 11:55am, Badger wrote:
i don't think s-p-o-o-n is censored, i think p-o-o-n probably is
So what does p-o-o-n mean (speaking as one who had trouble with s-p-o-o-n)? Is it a drugs word, sex word, or BDSM* word?

* - I think Sloan says it best here:
And everybody loves it but
Nobody knows what it stands for
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 23   General / General Board / Re: End of Year Party  on: 03/30/03 at 04:35:39 

on March 29th, 2003, 5:00pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
i went to it and no one was there, so i left and went to the video dance which wasnt too bad.

Well, what do you expect? The event was put on by the science societies! I mean, hello! Geek central! (I know I'm running off of universal often-false preconcieved perceptions, but this is a Universe that seems to be fuelled by perception, so I stand with "Geek central!" in the nicest sense of the phrase.) They don't know how to party like the arts societies do... =)

(Speaking of that, watch for a brand-new spam thread from yours truly coming very soon. Fortunately the work it concerns is slightly better than my .net Poetry.)

If you really want to party, wait for Frosh Week. It's one of the only times of the year when drinking on a Wednesday night is commonplace. =)

See also:
- A short journal entry on a very good video dance.
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 24   General / General Board / Re: Wishing to point something out  on: 03/30/03 at 04:31:10 
So you're not into Pokémon?
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 25   General / General Board / Re: Do we??  on: 03/30/03 at 04:23:48 

on March 29th, 2003, 7:35pm, Midnight_d wrote:
You missed a whole bunch of classes this semester... does that mean that you went to the 530 class every time??

Missed a whole bunch? I've had perfect attendance since before reading week! Doesn't anyone notice me? I've missed two classes, but unfortunately they were consecutive and I got hurt for it. But you're right; I do go to the 5:30 the occaisional Thursday. Tuesday I have to go to the 10am.

Well, in any case, I'm thankful that people notice when I'm not around. Thanks, D, uh, er, Midnig - er, whoever you are. =)
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 26   General / Old Messages / Re: Neo where have your useless old message thread  on: 03/30/03 at 04:21:18 

on March 29th, 2003, 5:03pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
nah 327/328 will redeem it :P

You mean there are actually people considering a future in this junk? =)
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 27   General / General Board / Re: Fire in Loyola!  on: 03/30/03 at 04:17:33 

on March 29th, 2003, 4:55pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
i didnt have any head phones i was hoping it would have an internal speaker...

Funny that you mention that; the PII towers from the year before last ('00-'01 and prior academic years) did have internal speakers, and a real headphone jack on the front (as opposed to just the CD drive's jack). Man, those old cases were great - whoever sold them the new ones should be - nah, I've had enough negative thoughts today. The systems were set up better too - NT4 kicks Win2Ks ass! But I guess that's like saying Tolkien kicks Jordan's ass - you can't have one without the other, and the second IS a refinement.

on March 28th, 2003, 12:52am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
Yes its true right now i have been kicked out of res and have moved to the mcnally labs to stay online!

How important is "staying online" to you? What would you do if you were sent somewhere with no internet access?
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 28   General / General Board / Re: Stupid ass me!  on: 03/30/03 at 04:11:34 

on March 29th, 2003, 4:54pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
no! paper==evil!

But you've got to admit it's easier on the eyes. Quieter, too. I love paper.
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 29   General / General Board / Re: Do we??  on: 03/29/03 at 00:48:53 

on March 28th, 2003, 12:45am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
bring a laptop/pocket pc and we will play via infrared/wifi :)

SMU should probably ban 802.11b/a/g devices on campus.
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 30   General / General Board / Re: Slow week?  on: 03/29/03 at 00:26:45 

on March 27th, 2003, 7:56pm, Badger wrote:
"Badgers? We don't need no stinkin badgers!"

UHF rules.

"And now we teach poodles to fly!"

I have the DVD but don't own a player. I love it on the commentary track where the MGM lion comes on and Al says "I didn't put that cat in my movie!" or something; then the Orion Pictures logo comes on and he sings, "Orion... Orion... (went bankrupt) ... Orion..."

Oh, that was the greatest movie. Oh, I can't wait 'till I get my own DVD player and can explore the whole disc. (Well, I could get a player, certainly, but I'm kind of thinking I'd rather have a PlayStation 2, especially now that Xenosaga is out.)

(Oh, just in case anyone doesn't know: The song "Spam" isn't actually in the movie - it's of the "and other stuff" contingent.)



on March 27th, 2003, 7:29pm, w_matheson wrote:
If you need a sthingy, keep one around
Carry a thermos to help wash it down

Now, I know what the alternate meaning of s-p-o-o-n is (or at least I think I do, but we'll leave it at that), but it's such an inoffensive word (as opposed to "f**k") that I don't think it should be censored by default. Besides, what if this was a fourm on cooking? There's lots of sthingys in cooking, right? So what if the forum was being administered by someone who didn't know how to change the settings? It would be a disaster! You'd get posts like, "I d**p the square of baker's chocolate into the bowl, then I sthingy in some refined sugar."

Sucks to YaBB!
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 31   General / General Board / Re: Fire in Loyola!  on: 03/29/03 at 00:21:40 

on March 28th, 2003, 12:55am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
me again, thought id add this other piece of ground breaking news, that a garbage can was set on fire

Deliberately? Man, this place is worse than St. Pat's!

(I shoulda' went to Kings...)

on March 28th, 2003, 12:58am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
the girl is security officer for those wondering, also id like to point out that these pcs in the lab suck, no sound :(

I guess you should count yourself lucky that it all happened in the middle of the day as opposed to the night. I'm glad I don't live in residence. I wouldn't like being bossed around like that by the security jerks. (I guess you all know by now that some envious undersexed losers say I have an "attitude problem.")

By the way, there are sound cards on all the lab computers (plug your headphones into the output jack - I use a special headphone extension cord), but you have to go to the labs with the conventional cased computers as opposed to the towers. Unfortunately, the labs with the conventional machines are the ones that are used for, well, labs, so there's a chance that people will come along and kick you out for classes or for "testing." (Lame!)

on March 28th, 2003, 1:25am, Neo wrote:
WARNING! TO THE CNN! DON'T HIRE CHRIS CHENEY! unless you put him on the front lines, that'd be cool.

Actually, he'd be a perfect fit at CNN - what with they way they have to repeat everything over and over and over, and the way they have to obsess over every little inconsequental vauge rumor and detail when there's nothing new from the Pentagon; Chris could be the next Wolf Blitzer.
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 32   General / General Board / Re: Stupid ass me!  on: 03/29/03 at 00:05:31 
Can't we all just go back to paper? The computer's been so much trouble. Aside from the ability to share writing and photos online, I could do without it. If all the computers blew up, I think our society would be improved because we'll be made to actually interact with one another once again. And there will be no more deluded fifteen-year old girls asking me to cyber (the point, please??) with them.
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 33   General / General Board / Re: Wishing to point something out  on: 03/29/03 at 00:02:27 

on March 28th, 2003, 8:13pm, Class_OfTheEvening wrote:
What is so important about having the most # of posts?

Why even ask? The board's become his life. It's like asking a Pokémon collector what's so important about collecting all 32,768 ("now I've got Nidoqueen AND Volparixtunercutorsaurus!").
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 34   General / Old Messages / Re: Neo where have your useless old message thread  on: 03/28/03 at 23:48:44 

on March 28th, 2003, 12:43am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
whole point is all know, and if you look lingras has 76 posts here... so mine will be kept.

Your posts will most certainly not be kept. Only Stavros and Lingras will be carried over to next term (just what happened with 226). Face it, Haha, you're just as mortal as the rest of us.

I don't think I want to be here at the end of April. I might have said this before, but I can hear his blood-curling scream already. The end of this message board will be the end of Haha's world - I predict he'll have a rough time getting his life back together after 227.
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 35   General / General Board / Spam  on: 03/27/03 at 19:29:14 
(to the tune of "Stand" by R.E.M.)

Spam in the place where I live (ham and pork)
Think about nutrition, wonder what's inside it now (oh boy)
Spam in my luchbox at work (it's the best)
Really makes a darn good sandwhich any way you slice it at all

If you're running low, go to the store
Carry some money to help you buy more
The tab is there to open the can
The can is there to hold in the spam

Oh, spam on the table at home (ham and pork)
Think about selection, are there different flavors now (let's eat)
Spam in my office at work (it's the best)
Think about the stuff its made from, wonder if it's mystery of meat

If you need a sthingy, keep one around
Carry a thermos to help wash it down
Now, if there's some left, don't just throw it out
Use it for spackle or bathroom grout, now

Spam in my pantry at home (have some more)
Think of expiration, better read the lable (oh boy)
Spam breakfast, dinner, or lunch (it's the best)
Think about how it's been precooked, wonder if I'll just eat it cold

Now, once you start in, you can't put it down
Don't leave it sitting or it'll turn brown
The key is going to open the tin
The tin is there to keep the spam in

Oh, spam (spam)
Ham and pork
Think about nutrition, wonder what's inside it now (oh boy)
Spam (spam)
It's the best
Really makes a darn good sandwhich any way you slice it

Spam in the place where I live (have some more)
Think about addiction, wonder if I'm a junkie now (let's eat)
Spam in the place where I work (you're obsessed)
Think about the way it's processed, wonder if it's some kind of meat

Spam in the back of my car (ham and pork)
Spam any place that you are (ham and pork)
The tab is there to open the can (spam any place that you are) (ham and pork)
The can is there to hold in the spam (spam any place that you are) (ham and pork)


"Weird Al" Yankovic, off the album "UHF Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff"
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 36   General / General Board / Re: jocks  on: 03/27/03 at 19:24:29 
'Twere a guest that began it, so we'll never figure out the meaning of this thread.
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 37   General / General Board / Re: Assignment #7  on: 03/27/03 at 19:22:52 

on March 27th, 2003, 8:24am, GNU_Guy wrote:
Haha, in Yarmouth. Sunny, sunny, Yarmouth. I'm back in a couple of weeks, just in time for the final.

Then what do you do about your quizzes and labs? How can you miss all those lectures and still have a clue what's going on?
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 38   General / General Board / Re: Stupid ass me!  on: 03/27/03 at 19:21:02 
It's a sledgehammer applied to the casing.
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 39   General / General Board / Re: Wishing to point something out  on: 03/27/03 at 19:19:32 
I was doing okay for a bit, but then I let GNU_GUY get ahead of me.
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 40   General / General Board / Re: Do we??  on: 03/27/03 at 19:17:46 

on March 27th, 2003, 5:35pm, Badger wrote:
That was some nice solitaire action today, Haha. Move back a few rows next class. I'll bring a deck of cards and we can play poker.

But we were doing THE BIG THREE. I mean, how could you miss that? And here's another question - if you're too lazy to make the 10am class (and some of you live in RESIDENCE - so that's just inexcusable), then why don't you just go to the 5:30? That's what it's there for! (In my opinion.) Missing the lecture material just isn't good - it'll come back to hurt you on the exam.
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 41   General / General Board / Re: .net Academic Tour Stop Photos  on: 03/27/03 at 19:11:22 
I got an e-mail today saying "sorry we missed you" even though I went. Man, those people are idiots. Anyway, I replied to VS whoever and I got an e-mail back right asking for my mailing address.

I filled out an evaluation form as well - quite exhaustively. I'm starting to think that the "we'll mail the software to you" was just a bill of goods. But since it was being offered for free, we can't complain, can we? =)
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 42   General / General Board / Re: Assignment 8  on: 03/27/03 at 19:07:35 

on March 27th, 2003, 4:40pm, jcoickle wrote:
i've found more exciting things to do then read the board while i'm in the lab...
gameboy advance emulator.
mmmm, hours and hours of wasted time.
if only i could harness this power for good instead of evil, errr, well, maybe sloth.

I thought "game playing (was) strictly prohibited in the labs at all times." I mean, there isn't even Minesweeper on these machines, and you're playing pirated ROMS. "If you break their regulations, you break SMU regulations." =)

I'm just razzin' on you for scaring the nuts out of me about Trillian the other day. I HAVE had my account cut off before, but not at SMU. Anyway, it's a traumatic experience that I don't wish to repeat.
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 43   General / Old Messages / Re: Neo where have your useless old message thread  on: 03/27/03 at 18:58:12 

on March 27th, 2003, 12:51am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
Where are all the useless posts??? :'( i want to be able to make 400 posts by the end of the semester and it would look silly to have it all on: this is post 348, this is post 349...

What's the point? 30 days from now you'll have NO posts.
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 44   General / General Board / Re: jocks  on: 03/22/03 at 13:46:18 

on March 21st, 2003, 7:06pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
and.... ?

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 45   General / General Board / protest  on: 03/21/03 at 14:41:16 

on March 20th, 2003, 10:36pm, neo(not logged in) wrote:
i'm protesting you both protesting your own posts.  Wanna little BURN on that spam?

If you want to protest something, go out and join the anti-war protest. Just make sure Cliff Roche doesn't try to run you over.
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 46   General / General Board / Re: GNU_Guy's Idea  on: 03/20/03 at 15:35:09 
This is getting out of hand!
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 47   General / Old Messages / Re: Neo where have your useless old message thread  on: 03/20/03 at 15:31:16 
What about *my* useless message threads? =)
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 48   General / General Board / Re: Assignment #7  on: 03/20/03 at 11:57:14 

on March 20th, 2003, 9:56am, GNU_Guy wrote:
New topic in course,

Child (or derived) Class, so not just another class. A class that borrows from the parent but also adds to or overrides parent functions.

No, it's a new topic in class covering the new topic that we have to add to class to make up the course - just like we discussed in class! But lately I think we have too many classes. I can't seem to stay awake going through so many classes in the course in the course of the class. Classes are difficult, especially when classes are the matter of discussion in the course which you make up a class.
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 49   General / General Board / "Melissa"  on: 03/20/03 at 11:51:56 
Why can't I be showing Melissa
All she needs to know?
Why can't I be the computer nerd
Upon a white horse to her rescue?
Why can't I have acquaintances
Who dwell and chat and hang around?
Why am I so f**ked up?
Why can't I have my own Melissa?
I know why -
It's because I can't maintain COM compatibility.
My stepsister always told me I'd never make it with a worm.
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 50   General / General Board / Re: Assignment 8  on: 03/20/03 at 11:46:54 

on March 20th, 2003, 9:59am, GNU_Guy wrote:
Is not available yet. Just thought I would let everybody know that. ;D Psych!

BTW, the same goes for Assign 9 ;)

Oh, for God's sake -

but I must admit, that post is d**n clever. However you forgot to mention what would be happening in Assignment #8: moving from using array objects to using a linked list. =)

<shouts to the moon> Ha! I know something!
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 51   General / General Board / Re: Slow week?  on: 03/20/03 at 11:43:37 

on March 20th, 2003, 9:51am, GNU_Guy wrote:
Yum. Nothing like a good servin' of SPAM  ;D Unless it's SPAM^2  8)

You're just trying to stay ahead of me on the Top 15! You fight dirty! =)
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 52   General / General Board / Re: I'm bored  on: 03/20/03 at 11:42:39 

on March 20th, 2003, 9:49am, GNU_Guy wrote:
Isn't is a sin when nobody bites at the flame bait. ;)

Flame bait? You mean we're encouraged to be our usual rude selves?

on March 20th, 2003, 9:49am, GNU_Guy wrote:
And what is really wrong with spam.

I love spam. Spam are my cakes, wit my ale. I am no Puritan. But I believe that people should always try to say something with each post.
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 53   General / General Board / Re: error spawning cl.exe... wtf!  on: 03/20/03 at 08:52:50 
Tried GW-Basic?
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 54   General / General Board / Re: I'm bored  on: 03/20/03 at 08:52:07 
That's just because you spam more than Wakko Warner.

"Helooooooooo Nurse!"
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 55   General / General Board / Re: .net Academic Tour Stop Photos  on: 03/18/03 at 23:27:56 

on March 18th, 2003, 11:18pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
did you ever get that software yet???

Strangely, no (And how much trouble would it have been for them to make more copies? Isn't CD-media cheap now?), but I'm getting eWeek in the mail again* after a long hiatus, so I'm pretty happy. 'Sides, VS .NET might not run on this P166 even though it has Windows 4.10.2222 (Win98 SE) and 256MB of SDRAM. Speaking of mail, I'm waiting to hear from Maria - hey, did you know that $3 will get a small bubble-wrap envelope to Beijing in just over two weeks? What a bargain!

(* - Pretending that your personal .com website is a business reaps all kinds of fun rewards!)
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 56   General / General Board / Even diamonds aren't forever...  on: 03/18/03 at 22:57:24 
It's sad that C++ programming reflects real life in that it is always easier to destroy than to create. Our reality consists of degradations: aging, decay, gravity, entropy, diminishing returns, Disney direct-to-video sequels*...

(* - Like, was "Cinderella II" really necessary? What more (compelling) material is there to add?)
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 57   General / General Board / Shall there be no more cakes and ale?  on: 03/18/03 at 22:46:01 

on March 18th, 2003, 12:43pm, GNU_Guy wrote:
Thanks for moving this post to the top of the queue. :(

I'm still waiting for someone to comment on my joke about finding the height (in rows for a program to clear the screen, I take it) of someone's screen from three weeks ago... =)

on March 18th, 2003, 12:28pm, jyymyum wrote:
you people definitly have too much time on your hands.
:P :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

By "you people" you're just referring to Lord_of_Haha, right? =)

I've changed my signature to reflect my current attitude towards the discussion on this message board. In my opinion, we spend too much time talking about the course and not nearly enough time engaging in a battle of wits. (Or perhaps I don't like it when my flippant remarks become overshadowed by comments from people who actually know what they're doing. =)

- William Matheson
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 58   General / General Board / Re: Checkpoint 19.1  on: 03/18/03 at 12:36:15 

on March 18th, 2003, 12:29pm, Milli wrote:
wtf are you supposed to do....or is it just a comprehension checkpoint???

The f**k you are supposed to do is pretty simple =) - you're right, it is a comprehension checkpoint. Just uncomment the junk in the class implementations and build. Your instructor, though, may ask you a few questions.

(Edit: I stand corrected. Please read GNU_Guy's (pronounced "glue gee") posts below. I was too busy with my internal distresses to worry about the lab assignment this morning and I was only going on what I had overheard. I tend to do most of my actual work on the Thursday labs.)
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 59   General / General Board / Re: Assignment #6  on: 03/18/03 at 09:51:23 

on March 17th, 2003, 4:38pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
anyone not done?

I'm not. =) But I always wait until the last minute. The only class I work on things ahead of time for is Writing Fiction - Advanced.

In other words, I've been too busy with my real courses to worry about my CSC assignments.
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 60   General / General Board / Re: The eye on the back of the US $1 bill  on: 03/17/03 at 16:25:52 
Have all of you read the Hentai reviews at Something Awful? It's the funniest nuts on the internet.

(You must also - and I mean you MUST - check out the "Fake SA" section.)
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 61   General / General Board / Re: End of Year Party  on: 03/14/03 at 22:46:53 
Notwithstanding that the end of the academic year (or classes for that matter) doesn't come until weeks after this date, is this for just CSC people or is it for everyone?

(More importantly, will there be girls there? =)
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 62   General / General Board / Re: The eye on the back of the US $1 bill  on: 03/14/03 at 22:38:23 
You guys have been listening to too much Art Bell.

Personally, I don't think our government and business leaders are competent enough to launch a conspiracy even if they wanted to. Moreover, fame awaits anyone who can actually prove anything. And don't blame it on the media. The dark and scary foibles of the high and mighty are their bread and butter, as violent opposition is the bread and butter on big government's table.

Most of all, as computer programmers, aren't we too smart for bunk like this?

(As far as the Freemasons / Shriners / Eastern Star go, while they are a society onto themselves, they're no more out to dominate others or more secretive than your average labour union local. Fine, they may be a little whack (I have relatives who are in some of the above organizations), but last I checked my mother wasn't involved in the shadow government. =)
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 63   General / General Board / Re: Assignment #6  on: 03/14/03 at 14:07:52 
Can't we talk about something fun? =)
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 64   General / General Board / The Anatomy of Decisions  on: 03/13/03 at 21:46:14 

on March 13th, 2003, 9:16pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
i like my uncontested by-elections lets us smart people who actually will get things done, not just get elected just for the hell of it....

I thought that was the other way around! Actually running *against* people is too much effort! I'm not doing that again! =)

I liked my time as Frosh Rep and I think I made the SRC meetings a little livlier. But, deep down inside my black little heart, I just wanted to meet women. That's the only reason we ever do anything, don't you know? That's the only reason I bothered with University - I didn't want to be separated from the girls of high school just yet.

Did I ever tell any of you why I came to Saint Mary's? Well, here's the deal. My first choice was to enter FYP at King's College. Unfortunately, I left university application to the last minute (in the theme of, "If I don't think about it, I won't have to worry.") and while my grades were fine / great, their program was full. They sent me back a letter saying that an addressed and stamped envelope also included in the mailing was provided that so I could reply with my choice of:

- Do nothing.
- Stay on the King's waiting list.
- Go into King's regular BA.
- Go into Dalhousie's BA.

There was the envelope, there was the address, but there was no stamp. So I just said, "To Hell with you, I'm going to SMU." (the only other institution I applied to). When I got SMU's letter of acceptance back (with lightning speed, I might add), I laughed because 1) With High Honours I wasn't exactly doubting my entrance and 2) I kind of wanted to go someplace with a little snob appeal. But SMU's been a pretty good schoool. I can't complain, even though I only came here over the lack of a postage stamp, and my desire not to think about any decisions coming my way before making a choice. I figured if I let the die fall where they may that I'd come out on top. So far, I don't think that's true, so lately I've been trying to think about things a little.

And all the nice women here have boyfriends, anyway. And not just "three week" boyfriends like they had in high school. Now everyone's paired off for life or something. Grr!

Anyone got a shovel? I want to dig a hole to China. I'm too cheap to buy plane tickets.

- William
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 65   General / General Board / Re: Have you voted?  on: 03/13/03 at 21:07:44 
Man, that sucks! Really.

on March 13th, 2003, 8:18pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
Oh as a side note Jen lost too :'( if i was going to lose would have prefered it was to her...

Well, duh. She would have vacated the position to go for VP Finance, and you could have got in again through an uncontested by-election. =)

But here's an idea. Why don't you go console her? She might want a shoulder to cry on...

(As if. We only wish women needed the help of others that badly.)

(I've got two stars now. And I EARNED them, unlike some other people...) =)
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 66   General / General Board / Re: Poll: Which Class are you in?  on: 03/13/03 at 21:02:39 

on March 13th, 2003, 5:58pm, LactoseTheIntolerant wrote:
are you saying im not real will?
you just havent seen me because of my sweet ninja camoflage skills.

More evidence that you're not real! There're no such thing as ninjas! They only exist in the movies. So you're a make-believe character in a make-believe role. The layers, man! =)
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 67   General / General Board / .net Academic Tour Stop Photos  on: 03/13/03 at 00:57:26 

The Towers of Purdy's Wharf, on the other side of our prematurely-aborted Barrington Expressway.

The shops of Granville Mall. J.J. Rossy's (rest in peace) once operated to the lower left.

Historic Properties. The Morse Tea building seen here withstood a wrecking ball impact - the progress of the expressway was stopped at the last minute. As a result, we have a vibrant downtown and a great shop / bar scene, but commuting is still a pregnant dog. You can't have it both ways.

The old City of Dartmouth.

Opulence. Bright lights, coloured signs, and music and voices from speakers in the ceiling that tell you to gamble your woes away.

... stupid flash...

Every computer geek in HRM.

Neo from the CSC227 Message Board.

The Tablet PC demo. Very cool. Very expensive. Even so, the display was sideways when she hooked it up to the projector! I shouted, "Windows doesn't crash, it just falls over!" I got a few laughs.

Anyone want to buy me a digital camera?
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 68   General / General Board / Re: Poll: Which Class are you in?  on: 03/13/03 at 00:44:34 

on February 28th, 2003, 5:35pm, Midnight_d wrote:
Yeah.... as opposed to all the FAKE people on this board?!!?  Bah!

Yes, as opposed to the fake people like you who obviously don't exist in real life. =) That goes for you too, Lactose.

bool AreReal (bool metinreallife)
     if (metinreallife)
         return true;
     return false;

We should change this thread to speak of what labs we're all in; labs are more social. I'm in lab A (TTh, 11:30-12:45), though I sometimes attend the others, especially on the days when an assignment is due.
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 69   General / General Board / Re: Have you voted?  on: 03/13/03 at 00:41:01 

on March 12th, 2003, 3:21pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
I had talked to her she said she might run for Vp finance too, cause she wanted that more then my little position :)

But you don't "run" for VP Finance, you get appointed. (Which means that instead of just being a candidate, she'll have to sl - hehe I'm just kidding. We love Jenn.)
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 70   General / General Board / Re: Have you voted?  on: 03/12/03 at 12:47:03 
I'll vote for Chris - but mannn, that Jenn Smith is hot.

She's also running for Commerce Rep - she's the one in the middle.
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 71   General / General Board / Re: .net-inspired Poetry  on: 03/11/03 at 12:40:12 

on March 11th, 2003, 11:59am, LactoseTheIntolerant wrote:
will, was it you who yelled out "windows doesnt crash, it just falls over"
when the person was doing the tablet PC demo?

That was me! How'd you guess? =) I was also the person who volunteered "32 and a half megabytes" when it was asked how big the raw handwriting files were. (Suprisingly, they turned out to be smaller than many/most Word files.)

(A note to people who weren't there: When the woman was first hooking up the Tablet PC, the projectors showed the Windows XP screen tilted sideways.)
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 72   General / General Board / Re: .net-inspired Poetry  on: 03/11/03 at 00:45:31 

on March 11th, 2003, 12:40am, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
Help oh Help;
Will needs his help;

YES!!! YES!! Help me!! I need happy pills!

(By the way, Chris, that's pretty good. Very elegant.)
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 73   General / General Board / Re: .net-inspired Poetry  on: 03/11/03 at 00:08:42 
I'm in love with words! What can I say? Maybe I'm not any good, but I hate what you people are doing to the English language! You've butchered it into little tiny pieces to save typing and make your algorithims easy to read! Well, I've had it! I can't stand this anymore! I hate computers! They're too hard to use! They're colder than your stepmother! They're less understanding than your ex-girlfriend! What gives?! Why are we subjecting ourselves to this torture?! Someone out there has all the answers already - they're in the Windows source code! So what are we doing? What?! If any of you think that you're going to be making US$65K a year with this stuff, you're delusional! Get a real job! Get in touch with real feelings and real human experience! Someone HELP ME...
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 74   General / General Board / "Mystery Magazine"  on: 03/10/03 at 23:57:13 
When could I learn VB 6.0?
If this won't run on my 386
I don't want any part of it.
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 75   General / General Board / "Ode to Patrick Lee"  on: 03/10/03 at 23:55:23 
Remember when programs were easy to write?
When everything was just point A to point B?
You remember.
But then some guy named Dr. K came along
Now we needed pointer A to pointer B
We faltered.
I've said it before, I'll say it for int i=0; i > infinity;
I can't get my head around this stuff.
My mind doesn't work at the Alpha level
I'm a consumer in the idea marketplace.
Someone help me.
There's always summer school.
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 76   General / General Board / "Programming"  on: 03/10/03 at 23:50:31 
Programming programming programming
But when do I get the girl?
Programming programming programming
I can't get my head around it
Programming programming programming
What's the difference between .NET and internet?
Programming programming programming
Why can't I just write poetry?
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 77   General / General Board / .net-inspired Poetry  on: 03/10/03 at 23:48:11 

I saw a guy
With a PowerBook
At the .NET Student Conference
He was playing cartoon movies
His girlfriend on one side, his trackball on the other.

They say Arts graduates do poorly
They say Arts graduates lack sex appeal
So I'll never own a PowerBook.
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 78   General / General Board / Re: MY 100TH POST!! FINALLY!!  on: 03/06/03 at 14:30:42 

on March 6th, 2003, 1:43pm, Neo wrote:
HEY its post 100! look out! there's a hurricane Gordon coming thru.... mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaa!

Now that's spam!
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 79   General / General Board / Re: Web Page Design Job  on: 03/05/03 at 13:40:08 

on March 4th, 2003, 1:29pm, jcoickle wrote:
vim is just an expansion on vi, the mother of all text editors.

You mean, besides EditPad Lite?

on March 4th, 2003, 1:29pm, jcoickle wrote:
i'm sending in an application for the position.
sounds like an easy $800.

Easy?! Web design is never easy. It's one of the most mind-numbing things you can do. You'll be stuck working on that page for like six hours a day for like three weeks at least, then a little less every day after that. It gets even worse when you're doing it for people who don't know how to do it themselves. You just can't communicate. It's something I could probably fake my way through, but I just don't feel "professional" enough to get into something like that. Plus everyone wants Flash and graphics these days. =)
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 80   General / General Board / Re: Web Page Design Job  on: 03/04/03 at 12:46:20 

on March 4th, 2003, 12:30pm, integral_god wrote:
Coward - Those who are too afraid to use a unix style console editor (such as vi, vim, or pico, etc) to develop a website :)

I have always used vim myself, working with PHP.

Are you calling me a coward?? =) I know enough to know that PHP is a scripting language, but my server doesn't even have cgi access. My server sucks ass, but I need to stick with Crosswinds because of their 5GB disk allowance. But what is vim? Does it run on a P166, 256MB with Win 98/SE? If not, I'm not interested. I can't even run Mozilla's Composer - well I can, but it's too d**n s l o w. It would take a week for me to type this paragraph into a Composer window, so that's why I still use the (admidittely outdated) Communicator Composer.

I hate computers.
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 81   General / General Board / Re: Argh, cancelled class :/  on: 03/04/03 at 10:37:31 

on March 4th, 2003, 10:27am, LactoseTheIntolerant wrote:
i could get home in 40 minutes no problem, in fact i do on many occasions.  but other times im stuck waiting for a bus at a stop for 30+ minutes.  and while im waiting, i see a large number of busses that are "out of service" drive right on by.

In that case, you need to get more familiar with the schedule. I never wait for a bus that long. Do what I did - get intimately familar with the route map and the schedule booklet. Know which busses serve which terminals, figure out alternate routes that may save time, and just basically become a Transit know-it-all. It will pay you back in the minutes / quarter hours you may save.
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 82   General / General Board / Re: Argh, cancelled class :/  on: 03/04/03 at 10:24:13 

on March 4th, 2003, 10:13am, LactoseTheIntolerant wrote:
bah, class was cancelled today, for Prof Ks 10:00am and 5:30pm classes(if your in that class and read this, dont bother showing up today).

Does anyone know what happened?

on March 4th, 2003, 10:13am, LactoseTheIntolerant wrote:
going home would be a waste of time, seeing as our lovely metro transit system would leave me with very little time at home before i would have to turn around and come back.  BAH!
so yeah, this sucks.

It's a ninety-minute commute each way for me (10 to walk to the bus, 45 on the bus, and 35 to walk home) so I don't go home either, even on Mondays when my first class is 9:30-10:20 and my second class is 5:30-8:00. That said, I think our Transit system is great for a city of our size. This is Halifax, and everyone expects a Toronto-class system, but we're lucky to have Winnipeg.
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 83   General / General Board / Re: New thing on csc227 page  on: 03/04/03 at 09:50:52 

on March 2nd, 2003, 10:25am, Neo wrote:
You are invited to the "CIS,CSC,CPS,MAT Faculty and Student Get together"... I'm going. Are you people going? You better be going. Free Food. Need I say more? Eh? Hmmmmmmmmm? I thought so.

I wonder if they accept English majors? Sure, I'm a CSC student, but I don't intend to go on past 227. Hearing about all you guys on your way to fancy careers in "database managment" is likely to depress the crap out of me. When you are done coding your way to the top, could you please remember to hire us lowly English majors to write your help and support files for you? =) But hey, there's food and acquaintances, so I'm going.

You're right, I forgot to do a !geek check. I'll have to implement that sometime. I think that there should be a branch and checks within geek, though. Some geeks are desireable, such as:

if (geek && billionaire) return true;
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 84   General / General Board / Dating Filter Code  on: 03/03/03 at 16:09:40 
To build upon Neo's code:

The Evaulative Dating Filter - used by women to determine if person is desireable enough to talk to:

// this is a member function of the Dating class

bool IsDesireable (Dating& person)
     if (gender==f)
           return true;
     else if (gender==m)
           if (!married)
                 if (attractive)
                       if (employed)
                             if (athletic)
                                   if (!livewithparents)
                                         if (!f**kedup)
                                               return true;
                                         return false;
                                   if (livewithparents && age <= 18)
                                         return true;
                                   return false;
                             if(!athletic && nice)
                                   return true;
                             return false;
                       return false;
                 if (!attractive)
                       if (nice)
                             if (smartorfunny)
                                   if (successful)
                                         return true;
                                   if (!successful && goingtobesuccessful)
                                         return true;
                                   return false;
                             return false;
                       return false;
           if (married)
                 if (attractive)
                       if (cangetawaywithit)
                             return true;
                       return false;
                 return false;
     return true; // if person is an enuch then they must be okay
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 85   General / General Board / Re: Have you voted?  on: 03/03/03 at 14:10:51 

on February 28th, 2003, 3:12pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
um um, little note here, it passed not as you think: SMUSA now has the right to have talks with Metro Transit to finalize it, so you dont have it yet :)

Oh, great. Now it's up to you SRC members to drop the ball on us. How reassuring. =)
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 86   General / General Board / Re: midterm easy or just me  on: 03/03/03 at 14:08:03 

on February 28th, 2003, 3:09pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
Whats wrong with you??? the computer is so much nicer, as you saw I even brought to the midterm :)

anyhow i did find exam easy too:)

I dunno - there's just a certain elegance to writing things on paper and not having to worry about compiler errors and whatnot. In my experience, the professor tends to be more forgiving than the computer if you demonstrate that you know what you're doing.

Humans shouldn't be writing programs for computers anyway. Computer programs should be writing programs for computers. But I guess that's a few years off. Anyway, I GTG. Later.

(Edit: This all said, I only got 17.5/20 on the midterm. I'm slipping big time. It reminds me of high school where I got 100 in Term 1 of Grade 12 Math, then finished the course with like 85 or something. Anyone else just run out of steam (or get tired of trying to achieve perfection) after Semester I?)

(Edit: Is it possible to have nested quotes on this? I just tried it and I couldn't get it to work. I've seen nested box & colour quoting on other message boards, such as the one for the Phoenix web browser.)
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 87   General / General Board / Re: TIP of the week!  on: 02/28/03 at 12:46:33 

on February 28th, 2003, 12:39pm, Badger wrote:
you d-r-o-p a hit. does that help you?

Ah. I see... thank you.
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 88   General / General Board / Re: Poll: Which Class are you in?  on: 02/28/03 at 12:25:27 

on February 27th, 2003, 6:24pm, GNU_Guy wrote:
Isn't it great that this dead thread is now active, thanks jcoickle

Actually, I think it was SassC that reactivated the thread. She's a real person, I think I was sitting beside her.
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 89   General / General Board / Re: midterm easy or just me  on: 02/28/03 at 12:13:53 
Patrick Lee (the evening lab instructor who should have his own TV show) said that if Scobey saw the midterm we did, that he'd be rolling in his grave. =)

[Addition: But for God's sake, let's not complain! It was at the right level of difficulty - easy for the geeks, a refreshing challenge for "hacks" like me (to use a Patrick Lee term again), and bewildering for the people who don't know what's going on. Enough people will be failing as it is.

I asked Patick Lee why an acquaintance of mine who wasn't at the lab and apparently didn't take the exam why she didn't come to work on her lab and do the exam (since she was falling behind). He first said that I'd have to ask her and then he said that there might be certain situations in which it might be a good idea not to take the exam. He said, for instance, that he could take a third-year Spanish midterm and perhaps write his name and student number (in English) on the paper. The discussion continued, and he ended up at the comment, "You want to know why? Well, guess. Or come here and I'll whisper it to you. Or I'll just tell you, 'there's always summer school.'"

Mr. Lee's skills are in the delivery of the lines. You really had to be there. I was rolling around on the floor laughing (though still seated on the lab chair while rolling if you take my meaning). Anyway, he needs to go on Mike Bullard or something to get exposed.]
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 90   General / General Board / Re: TIP of the week!  on: 02/28/03 at 12:11:17 

on February 27th, 2003, 6:47pm, GNU_Guy wrote:
Shouldn't that be a 'hit'? If it's acid anyways. Not that I would know. ;)

Possibly... let me go read my friend's old weblog and I'll find out which one it's supposed to be. He's the one who knows about all this stuff. Whatever word he used, I'll use.

<checking (>

"It was the third time Sarah and I have d-r-o-p-p-e-d acid, after Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. This time it was 2.5 hits of double-dip."

d**n! He used both! Now we'll never know! =)

He's got the best LiveJournal I've ever seen, but now that he's at Trent he doesn't update it anymore.
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 91   General / General Board / Re: Web Page Design Job  on: 02/28/03 at 12:04:00 
I can make web pages, but I'm not as good at it as The Alien. Perhaps it's because I'm still using EditPad and Netscape Composer (4.x). =) But hey, they work.
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 92   General / General Board / Re: "Free Microsoft .NET Student Tour"  on: 02/27/03 at 14:52:22 
People are wondering where exactly the website is to register, as the link on the main page is difficult to notice (no flashing neon text). So here's the link again:

Maybe they'll show us how to compile a program in .NET - I still can't figure out how. Hell, jcoickle doesn't know how, and neither does the extra-help lab instructor.

I can't wait to see this baby in action!
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 93   General / General Board / Re: midterm easy or just me  on: 02/27/03 at 14:38:05 

on February 27th, 2003, 1:39pm, Badger wrote:
Not just you. Midterm was easy. Very easy.

Shut up! Some of us need something to be proud of! =)
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 94   General / General Board / Re: can someone help a simple question  on: 02/27/03 at 14:35:53 

on February 6th, 2003, 8:29pm, Lord_of_Haha wrote:
yeah but we are wondering what if you dont know what the height is...

Oh, that's easy, just use a ruler.
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 95   General / General Board / Re: TIP of the week!  on: 02/27/03 at 14:32:16 

on February 27th, 2003, 1:37pm, Badger wrote:
I know it was just an example, but three pints of acid? Instant death.

It was hyperbole. "Pinch" or "drop" would be much more appropriate. =) I just like to blow the ammounts out of proportion when I make drug / drinking jokes.
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 96   General / General Board / Re: "Free Microsoft .NET Student Tour"  on: 02/27/03 at 12:02:38 

on February 26th, 2003, 6:52pm, jcoickle wrote:
where is that taking place?

At the Ca$$inoooooooo... where $1,000,000 is paid out daily (and much more taken in).
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 97   General / General Board / Re: TIP of the week!  on: 02/27/03 at 12:00:36 

on February 27th, 2003, 8:37am, TheAlien wrote:
(This forum censors droped... wtf!?)

I think the censuring of "d-r-o-p-p-e-d" is part of the good ol' D.A.R.E. and free-vibe anti-drug bullnuts conspiracy, as they wouldn't want people to say, "I d-r-o-p-p-e-d three pints of acid yesterday and now I can walk on the ceiling. Or maybe they flipped the floor upside down on me."

(I give credit to jcoickle for giving me the hint.)
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 98   General / General Board / Re: midterm easy or just me  on: 02/27/03 at 11:44:31 

on February 27th, 2003, 10:59am, LactoseTheIntolerant wrote:
anyone else find that midterm ridiculously easy?  not that thats a bad thing of course.

I liked it a lot. I want to write another one. Maybe I'll go to the 5:30 and see if Dr. K will let me write it again and I'll get the best mark of the two (like the 92 or the 85, perhaps). =)

I feel so empowered! I'm the King of the World - just like Chris Jericho! I can't believe I was so worried. I love CS in that you can think your way out of problems (I LOVE thinking!), as opposed to math or English in which case you are simply screwed if you don't know everything there is to know about everything, in every instance.

I think the only difference between this course and 226 is the difficulty of the assignments in that we don't have a running start anymore.

I love writing code on paper! It's so much more fun than actually getting in front of the stupid computer.

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 99   General / General Board / Re: Have you voted?  on: 02/27/03 at 11:32:31 

on February 27th, 2003, 11:17am, Logizomechanophobia wrote:
might be an old post but yes the U pass would make life easier

Well, we're glad you like it because it'll be shoved down our throats this fall! Yayy! I'm gonna save like $300 next academic year! Think how much weed that could buy!
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 100   General / General Board / Re: TIP of the week!  on: 02/26/03 at 16:10:47 
Lactose has lost his sig. He's not even a man anymore, just an enuch, an impotent shell. =) j/k

Lactose, get your mojo back. Then we can write a movie about it, a la Austin Powers II.
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 101   General / General Board / Re: "Free Microsoft .NET Student Tour"  on: 02/26/03 at 15:34:43 
Of course it's worth registering for! There will be food! Plus you'll get your very own copy of Visual Studio .NET Academic (same as the regular version except that you're not supposed to use it for commercial purposes). l know I'm going to be there, even though I'm more of a writing geek than a computer geek.
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 102   General / General Board / Re: Assignment #3  on: 02/13/03 at 21:18:22 
For this function:

void ProcessRecords(ifstream& inFile, ofstream& outFile)
     Student person;
     int totalrecords;
     inFile >> person;
     for (int i=0, i < totalrecords, i++)
           outFile << person;
           inFile >> person;

I am getting the following errors:

F:\csc227\class\asgn3\assign3.cpp(88) : error C2664: 'class std::basic_istream<char,struct std::char_traits<char> > &__thiscall std::basic_istream<char,struct std::char_traits<char> >::get(char &)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'int' to 'char &'
       A reference that is not to 'const' cannot be bound to a non-lvalue
F:\csc227\class\asgn3\assign3.cpp(90) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ',' before '<'
F:\csc227\class\asgn3\assign3.cpp(90) : error C2086: 'i' : redefinition
F:\csc227\class\asgn3\assign3.cpp(90) : error C2059: syntax error : '<'
F:\csc227\class\asgn3\assign3.cpp(91) : error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '{'

Anyone have any last-minute insight?
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 103   General / General Board / Re: Have you voted?  on: 02/13/03 at 13:47:44 
I'm going to jump for joy if the U-Pass is passed - I buy monthly passes, so I'll save like $300 next year!

The two article bits of the referendum don't seem to be known to all, but I went and read the documents and it seems that Article 5 is about election procedures - the biggest change there is (if the ammendments are passed) that the CRO will be appointed by the SRC from a pool of normal student applicants, as opposed to a nomination by the President of SMUSA (which is a huge conflict of interest, especially in years where the President runs for President again!), and what's more - the SRC (minus the candidate in question, if he's on the SRC at the time) will get the final say on deep-sixing any candidates during the process (this will solve the problems in an executive election I remember where the now outgoing president and the CRO at the time were roomates, and where this candidate had racked up some poster infractions - rumor has it that instead of being fined against this budget, he was instead forewarned and given time to clear the evidence of the infraction... do not take this for absolute fact, though, because I heard it third-hand. The important thing is that it COULD have happened). Some of the wording on things like campaign times has been changed to be more flexible, but in a good way as far as I can see it. Most of the nitty-gritty election procedures would be lifted out into another document (one that would be easier to change than a constitution). All in all, a long overdue ammendment.

The other article was mostly about the SRC positions. The two major changes there is that there will be a guaranteed SRC slot for each ACTIVE faculty (so there would be a Graduate Studies Rep, but no Education Rep, and this means that the constitution won't have to be changed every time the University juggles the faculties - very efficient!) - the other is that there will now be a "Disabled Rep" - which will be a student with disabilites. (I wonder if my Asperger's Syndrome would count for that...) I'm kind of on the fence about the necessity of the position, but if it brings a voice to our students with disabilities, then I'm all for it. Taken with the other changes to the SRC layout, this should really be a "Hell Yeah!" approval by the student body.

I have to give credit for most of these happenings to Samantha Anderson, Goddess that she is. When she first came in as VP External, she kind of started the ball rolling on all this constitutional reform. But back then the SRC wasn't very proactive (read: lazy - and since I was on the SRC then I take the blame for this as much as anyone), and most of us balked at rewriting complicated passages for wording. Even the other members of the executive seemed to have other things on their minds that year. I didn't get as much done as I should have as Freshman Rep, which I regret. I was keen to voice my opinions and those of my constituients, but I often felt like I had no constituients. I never had one person come to me during my office hours (faithfully kept, and they were prominently displayed on my website that had been advertised on all my posters during the campaign), even just for questions. I wrote a letter to the Journal editor after the executive pay raise, but that was the extent of my notiriety. I suppose I might have been too busy with my 6 courses and playing Giles Corey in The Crucible. I felt like I was being run into the ground.

I've just voted, so I came online here and read this thread and I thought, "Oh crap, I didn't vote for Lord Ha Ha!" I mean, anyone who uses Wacko Warner as his board icon and then says something about "any color as long as it's (IT'S - as in, "as long as it is black," you should make the change in your profile) black," which is something Wacko might actually say - well, let's just say all that adds up to the status of "Hyper Cool." So he should have got my vote. But then I remembered that both SRC openings were "yes/no" votes (hey, that's how *I* got on the SRC! but I got in by less than 70%), and since I automatically select "yes" on SRC "yes/nos," I didn't register in my mind what I was doing. But you should be able to win this vote, according to true campus legend, a "yes/no" vote has only been lost once (and his name was Scallion, but that's ancient history - and if you get to know him, he's a good guy, though perhaps not student government material).

Anyway, if the U-Pass is passed, then I will come online shortly thereafter and present a list of cool places residence / nearby students can go to on the bus. Take care, everyone.

(I may be running for SRC (Senior rep most likely, but perhaps Arts rep) in September, so if people would care to remember me, that would be awesome. But this will be the last you'll hear from me about it.)

- William
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 104   General / General Board / Re: woohoo!!!  on: 02/06/03 at 14:01:48 
Yes, if you count posting about how many posts you've made "useful." =)
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 105   General / General Board / Re: woohoo!!!  on: 02/06/03 at 13:48:01 
That's just because you spam the crap out of the board. =)
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 106   General / General Board / Re: Concerns about the new class  on: 02/06/03 at 13:45:48 
Feburary 27th, 2003, in class.
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 107   General / General Board / Re: Concerns about the new class  on: 02/06/03 at 13:06:29 
I think "holy nuts" is worse when you think about it. =)

(Now that I've gotten my nuts back together, I feel a lot better about this course. I feel empowered! I could take on the world! Or at least the midterm. Which, thankfully, is open book.)
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 108   General / Old Messages / Re: Man Vs. Machine 2003  on: 02/06/03 at 12:59:23 
This is cool nuts! Man, I'd love to watch game six on video - is it on TV or webcast in any way?

If it's called "Deep Junior," does that imply a 'lite' version of "Deep Blue?" (you know, like when IBM had the "Pc. Jr?")

I didn't even notice you were talking about chess... silly me. =)

(Edit: I said *s..h-i++t!* Not 'nuts,' s..h-i++t! I mean, how much sense does it make to say "cool nuts." I guess they're thinking people would say "Aw, s..h-i++t," and then it would be replaced with "Aw, nuts.")
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 109   General / General Board / Re: checkpoint 8.1  on: 02/05/03 at 16:57:03 
Thank you. =) That should do me for at least another three days. I'm sorry for being such an not a very nice person. I just get on the defensive too quickly.

(What is this thing DOING to my English? Why can't I say d**n and not a very nice person? What's wrong with that? It's not like I'm using the F-word (not that there's anything WRONG with the F-word, it's just that whoever implemented this message board doesn't like it).)
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 110   General / Old Messages / Re: Man Vs. Machine 2003  on: 02/05/03 at 16:48:21 
>:( I am NOT snooty! Don't paint me as one of those people who asks for help and never contributes any! I know that I've been in poor form for the first part of this semester, but I was helping out people all the time last semester, and even a few times in the early parts of this semester when I still understood everything. And when I get back on the wagon, I will go back to contributing regularly (provided Dr. Konstantinidis doesn't have a problem with outline / pseudocode / algorithmic posts). I'm not snooty, and I'm not demanding anything of anyone. If anyone doesn't feel like helping me, all they have to do is ignore me. Like everyone does in real life.

(I suppose there's a possibility you weren't referring to me, and in either case I've probably been a little harsh. Sorry. Grr... I hate this stupid place! I'm 21, why can't I just get on with my life?!)
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 111   General / General Board / Re: checkpoint 8.1  on: 02/05/03 at 16:35:28 
I knew it. I said too much. But didn't all of you have to deal with this problem this week? Thanks for reading my post anyway.
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 112   General / General Board / Re: checkpoint 8.1  on: 02/05/03 at 16:28:51 
I'm going to ask a super-simple question here and wait for an answer... =) (oh my goodness I miss the days in last semester where I was smart enough to be able to post pseudocode solutions to everything that came up in the last month and a half)

On page 96 of the lab manual (this is Checkpoint 8.1), Scobey asks us to change the + and == operators from member functions to friend functions. Great, just rip them out of "Public:" and fire them up on top with friend in front, right? The problem is, I don't know what I have to change in the whatchamacallit-ion of the class (the .CPP file) to get it to work; if the << and >> operators work as friends, why can't + and == ? The function definitions all look the same to me... t.hours, othertime.hours, etc.. so the friend functions are accessing the private member variables in the same way that the public member functions do, right?


Anyway, running into such fatal errors as "'+' : modifiers not allowed on nonmember functions" so early on is starting to make the lab aspect of this course as discouraging as the lecture / examination / assignments portion. (For instance, I couldn't do assignment two because I just wasn't familiar enough with the concept of member functions right then - the pieces are coming together in my head slower than the course is progressing) On that note, I came to the extra help lab today to get caught up and I found it very helpful. There's so few people around (like, less than five) that you can ask questions and actually get answers very quickly instead of waiting twenty minutes in the regular lab and losing points for asking your question. Of course I spent most of the time slogging through the material on my own, but it's nice to be near someone who is such an instantly accessible authority on the subject.

According to the "MIDTERM EXAM INFO" page, our midterm is going to be open-book. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or scared by this - although for one thing I'll be able to refer to something as I go; for another, I did just d**n fine on the 226 tests with no outside help - everything just poured out of my skull onto the pages. Thirdly, my note-taking skills are, well, crap. In three years of University, I've never "studied" because while I can read my own notes, I have no idea what they are saying to me.

Okay, I think I've said enough for now. I need to keep under 200 words a post, else people don't bother to read ANYTHING I've written. (Psst! Smart Programming People! I need your help back there at the first couple of paragraphs!)

- William

PS: I am in L278 right now if anyone wants to make fun of me.
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 113   General / General Board / Re: Concerns about the new class  on: 02/04/03 at 12:18:33 
You did C++ arrays in high school? We only got as far as 'subprograms' in QuickBasic. But that was the year 2000 - a lot's changed since then.

I came to class this morning, and I felt like I learned something. However, I'm still a little foggy on all these new concepts, and I don't have the luxury of referring to the textbook like some of you have suggested because, in the name of saving money, I don't own one.

Anyway, I must get back to work. I've let myself fall behind and now it seems like everyone around me is speaking a foreign language. It's a weird feeling being on the other side of the coin for once.
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 114   General / General Board / Re: Concerns about the new class  on: 02/03/03 at 20:40:48 
I agree with all of this. People who were complaining about the state of things last semester are now wishing they were back in 226, as do I to some extent. I mean, I'm glad that we've learned about stucts and classes and objects and members and whatnot, but for me the magic is gone. This semester feels too much like work for some reason.

More than anything, I miss being able to watch programs get constructed in front of our eyes. I think, though (and I hate to say this), that we're going to have to get used to CSC being abstract from now on until the end of University. The programs we are making are simply too big and wide-ranging to be completely constructed in class and still leave time for those oh-so-fun quizzes.

I am also going to jump on the bandwagon of praising Lingras for working to build up our confidence, as opposed to the "doom-and-gloom" viewpoint of ScoUGH COUGH COUGH!! =) Now, I love the manual, and I even smirk once in a while at the wit within. But, as a teaching tool, it needs to be counter-balanced with something friendlier.

Anyway, let's just hope they grade on a curve! I hate to have to say this because let's just say that I got a good grade last semester, and this semester I'm seriously thinking C-range. But I'm one of those people who just wants to pass and not waste nearly $500.

Take care, everyone. Let's wish for sunnier days.
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 115   General / General Board / Re: On Topic Post: Assignment 1  on: 01/20/03 at 14:22:54 
You can get WinRAR at
I prefer it over WinZip as well. But I can't use WinRAR all the time - as far as I know, you can't create floppy-disk spanning .zip files with it (though it will do this with .rar). So when I need to take files to my computers running 16-bit Windows with no CD drives (which is both of my computers... <sob>), I have to use PKZIP for DOS, then use WinZip for Windows 3.1 on the upstairs computers to get at the files.

I hate floppy disks. Especially the new ones that don't last as long as the old ones. The old ones could go on for years - these new ones start dropping clusters as soon as they've been in your backpack a couple of times.

I hate only having 40 and 250MB hard drives. God, people have that much **RAM** nowadays. Oh, excuse me, SDRAM. Oh, no wait, it's DDR-RAM. Well, it's all ******* RAM **** to me.

I love my 386SX/16MHz laptop, but I need a new one. One with a CD reader and a working battery and one that doesn't make so much noise when I type and one that I can play SimCity 2000 and Final Fantasy VII on.

You guys are on the technology superhighway - I'm on the technology cul-de-sac. I'm just really envious.
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 116   General / General Board / from scratch...  on: 01/18/03 at 01:35:31 
Having to reregister for the board and start from scratch (in terms of status) again - not fun! =) That explained my absence until now, anyway.

Off-topic? I don't remember anyone in 226 caring if things were on topic or not. You mean we can't have fun with this anymore?
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