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PS18 - August 18, including Film Amateura encore screening

What follows are the best sixty-something pictures out of my last 75 film pictures, including Sunday's Film Amateura and the outing at Buskers. Enjoy!

Here's a dead squirrel I found on my street. (Not the shoulder of my street, my street. It's a gravel street!)

Awww, isn't he just the cutest thing? And he won't wake me up at 7:30am Sunday morning with the "ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CH-CH-CH-CH-CH-ch-CH-ch-CHH-KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK-CH," argh! I do not much care for squirrels, of course. As my step Aunt Patsy puts it, "They're glorified rats."

My parking street, Ahern Avenue. When you come in at 5:15am, you can always expect to find a parking space. And it's free parking! Isn't that the best kind?

Cogswell Street. Oh! Look what I found! This means adventure!

First I had to hike across the Commons (think, "Central Park lite") and get my shoes all wet and muddy.

This guy was cool. As soon as he noticed my camera, he'd turn the burner on for long periods to ensure that I got a shot. Thumbs up, man!

Uh, yeah, I did go to a Prom this year. At 22. My... God...

Yeah, so let's just close the book on that whole thing. If you want details, and more pictures, go here. If the link doesn't work, then tell me.

Film Amateura, Sunday August 8th, Oxford Theatre:

Jeremy Strong and Jennifer Alleyn.

Jer with Future Hollywood Superstar Steve Yorke. "Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!"

Deborah and Michael Fox, Joey Campbell, the latter two being key Film Amateura figures.

Vince (darkstarmasonry) and Sarah (stigmatic_goth).

Left: Orrin (hattoocoolforp).

Amazing how much better they come out with the sun behind you, eh?

Afterwards, Sarah, Vince, Orrin and I ventured downtown, where we saw many strange and wonderful sights...

Right: André.

Hey, that's always been my motivation in everything.

The old parking garage. It's coming down to make way for something else.

I love these! They should have them everywhere!

Xbox Unleashed! Bringing the comforts of the morbidly obese and socially inept out to the active, in-sunlight mundanes!

Wow. I would need to make a lot of keystrokes to be able to afford all that. Yeah, the heck with watching real human performers risk their lives, it's much more fun to sit and play Xbox, right? Hey, little boy, is that a Controller S or are you just hapy to see me?

Vince, posing in front of some publicly-funded "art." ("Hey, we've got this leftover concrete that's just going to set if we don't do something with it..." "We need a sculpture that captures Halifax's Oceanic Heritage!" "Let's make a wave!" "Sounds like a plan!")

A coast guard helicopter buzzes over the Harbour.

Yay! New friends! Left: Stephanie (lokichan), Right: Carolyn (carrieko).

Left: Mark, guarding his comics from the vices of Steffie.

We then went to Turkish Delight for a meal, and Carolyn, André and Vince took their leave of us. =( But the meal - awesome! Filling! Tasty! And Sarah has a crush on this guy who works there who's a really pleasant fellow with a knack for making other people smile. So, go there.


And then we went back to The Wave to wait for Ryan:

("Maybe I'll get better reception if I stand up here...")

Summit Place, built for the then-G7 Summit way way back in the day.

Woah. I think I left the group for tea, then came back. It was a futile journey - both of the nearby Tim's were closed! (Many never close, but not the three in the downtown core. Spring Garden, however, is always open.)

Left: Ryan.

The HMCS Sackville (I think). The showpiece flagship of the Canadian Navy! (Nah, it's long, long, long retired.)

After nightfall, we commandered the pirate ship! Arr!

"Yeah, I'm the king of the world one of Steffie's generals!"

Is that a cannon, or are you ju- Shit, I already used that joke.

Mark, just before we threw him to the sharks!

"Arr! I see prostitots at twelve o'clock! They be out past curfew, arr!"

This was just a lucky shot in near-total darkness. Also, it's not all that realistic. About a millisecond after this was taken, they were all like, "Augh, WILL!!" =)

Yarr, I do have me Class 5.

Awwwwwww! Doesn't Mark look cute with Steffie's his backpack?

Okay, after all that, we went to Gatsby's. We even met Orrin again! And Daniel!

This was taken after Ryan dragged Sarah about on the grass in front of the library.

There's just no nice caption for this, is there?

I think Ryan opened a bunch of sugar packets and poured them down her back. How this came to be acceptable behaviour in a classy-casual restauraunt, I wouldn't know. =) Oh, we were wild. Well, earlier we were throwing them at each other, so I guess it was just a natural escalation of giddy hyperactivity. sXe fun! (Even though that's an oxymoron.)

Two pictures from a Monday stroll up Hollis Street. A Monday afternoon stroll, that is! I have principles! I shall be liked for who I am! In the case of my internship, I shall be liked for where I'm from! =)

And, finally, a photo that ought not to exist. ("Ryan, that's a film camera! Someone at SuperStore is going to see this!") I then spent the rest of that Monday afternoon, already feeling icky and sleep-deprived, with some people who kept saying I ought to be a "moe." Whatever. =)

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