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PS18 - June 26

A late night visitor to the bird feeder.

Yes, he's actually facing inside, though that's hard to tell.

A claw, a bushy tail, and that's the end of him. Actually, he's out there again as I compile these photos.

I just like this photo for some reason. Yes, this is how my first computer is still being used - it's a dandy little night stand.

The beltway in Dartmouth, that "other city" on the other side of the harbour. This is Canada, so it's called a "Circumferential Highway." How cool is that?

Catherine with a Metropolitan at Gatsby's.

Awful brave of these people to adopt a cartoon named Homer as their mascot given the success of a certain show...

I just found this interesting.

Shi-Eun at Wal-Mart. (Notice the lab technician in the background staring at me, because I am actively destroying her job!)

Wow. Imagine spending an hour of your day arranging all that merchandise. I have new respect for retailers.

Apparently, these are "California Salads." Are they authentic?

Apparently they dumb down the jokes a little for the book, huh? (Excerpt from Shrek 2. Let's just say that the "lie" of the movie isn't quite the same. By the way, go see the movie, it's awesome.)

The Psycho Chihuahua. No, really. Little dogs should not be allowed to bark so much. Well, it was kind of cute, but you kind of wanted to see something else come along and eat him.

Again, what better way is there to spend one's day? Don't tell me those soda cases arrange themselves into honeycomb like stacks all by themselves. Actually, I do think it's rather cool.

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