June 5th, 2005:

Midnight Zombie Madness: The World Premiere of The Living Impaired

Michael Fox, creator of Film Amateura, is set to thrill us once again with his brand-new feature-length horror comedy The Living Impaired, playing one night only at midnight on Friday, June 24th, 2005 at the Oxford Theatre, located on the corner of Oxford and Quinpool. Admission is $6. If you like, you can come dressed as a zombie and compete for great prizes in our zombie costume contest, though you’re more than welcome to come as you are.

The Living Impaired stars Skratch Bastid, Charles T. Conrad, JuJu, Allison Leadley, Jonathan Saunders, and Joey Campbell, and features music by King Konqueror, Eddybulls, Blackout 77 and Martyrs Brigade that will rock you well into Saturday morning. Also, the concession stand will be open for all your soda, popcorn and Skittles needs.

The movie is rated R (Restricted to anyone under 18), by the Maritime Film Classification Board, for zombie gore, bloodletting, offensive language, sexuality, and suggestive dialogue.

You can also see popular rap DJ Skratch Bastid, as well as meet the man who was arrested for rehearsing in his apartment with a fake firearm – director Michael Fox! Michael’s previous feature, Film Amateura, screened twice at the Oxford and was also selected for the New York Film and Video Festival.

Can’t wait until Friday, June 24th for your midnight black-and-white zombie comedy fix? Download The Living Impaired trailer at http://www.livingimpaired.tk.

See you all on the 24th!

- William Matheson

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