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PS21 - Rivne

See Rivne on a map.

Rivne, the capital of the oblast of the same name (which also contained Ostroh, but not Netishyn) was a popular destination of necessity for our team. If you needed to get something, or get something done, this is where you went. It was about at 40-minute marshutkyy drive from Ostroh.

Central square, with cinema

From the beginning of my trip to Poland, December 27th:

Near the bus terminal

Supermarket "Sirpo," near the bus station

"I took advantage of the time between ticket purchase and departure to go to the Syrpo. I wanted to leave my handcase in the lockers at the station, but they used some kind of unintelligible set-your-own combination locks with cyrillic symbols the unit looked like it was installed in the Krushchev administration. So I carried my things over to the Syrpo. The lockers there were large enough for my backpack but not for my handcase. Huh, problem.

I stood there for a few minutes wondering what to do. Maybe they'd make an exception for me and let me take my case in. Hmm... that'd look awfully weird, though. I asked a man standing next to the door if he worked there. Judging from his response, that wasn't what I actually asked, linguistically speaking.

I found a woman selling flowers at a small kiosk, and we had the following interaction, approximated into English:

"You things do here?"
"Uh... I don't understand you."
"I'm sorry... I have a small problem. Do you understand my words?"
She nodded.
"I want to buy in here now, but my..." I lifted my case and pointed at the lockers. "No close."

She understood immeadiately and got the attention of a store monitor, who told me he'd watch my case while I shopped. Nice! Within seconds I was hoisting bananas and clementines into my cart and waiting in the line to weigh and label them. (They do produce like we do meat and fish the weighing is done before the point of sale. It took a few visits for me to get used to that.)

Shopping was so much fun. I got shampoo and deodorant, a chocolate bar, two packs of gum, and 1.5L of my favourite juice (carrot, apple & peach), some tissue and toilet paper, and the produce I mentioned. I went nuts and spent nearly $11. I'm going to miss Ukrainian prices.

Rivne, all in all, was very friendly and welcoming. Sure, I was hearing "Kanadyy" here and there in the store (you can imagine how much attention I draw as soon as I open my mouth), but I didn't sense any derision just curiosity."

Left: My bus.

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