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PS21 - Parties: Winter

December 22nd-24th, 2005: the run-up to Christmas

Blue Flame (December 21st, 2005)

December 3rd, in which we eventually make our way back to Taverna to welcome home Ataman:

Yulia's keepsake booklet. I gave her a good-natured hard time about the two provinces she missed. She had been like, "I got Nova Scotia, what's the problem?" =) In a sense, none, since New Brunswick used to be part of Nova Scotia long before Confederation and Saint John's Island (now known as Prince Edward Island) had been appended for a short while as well. From 1765-69, Yulia was correct!

Shelley with Vadim, one of my best friends there.

Right: Ataman, our Guest of Honour.

The remainder of these pictures are from the night of December 21st, where we bid a fond adieu to Amy, Linsday, and Shelley: (see video)

From left to right: Sasha, his girlfriend Kat, Lindsay, her boyfriend Vania.

Inna, Shelley, Nina

Best Friends Forever

Everyone's trying to keep in touch...

Centre: Sasha, who wrote us all little haikus! Here's mine:

Last glass of beer
Last night here
First good-bye

Shelley, Amy, Tanya

Back at Trek...

Time: 3:41am (As good a time as any to become fascinated with shoes.)

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