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PS21 - Parties: Summer

Saturday, August 13th: (going out with Roman and his friends)

On July 25th we celebrated Ami's birthday... (Lindsay and I made the card!)

At Sheryle and Amy's house...

The Team: Lindsay, Roch, Shelley, Lee, Sheryle, Amy (background)

The following weekend we went down to the river...

I believe that's Roch taking a leap there...

Roch borrowed my camera and took some candids.

I'm pretty reliant on sunscreen, generally.

Roch, by Roch.

Centre: Yep, that's a 2L bottle of beer.

Having a little bit of vodka with my Emma.

August 18th: Andriy's (pictured) last night in Ostroh... He was going on the NetCorps program to Regina!

Will and Sasha (a participant in the previous year's regular CWY program in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta)

Anya and Tanya

"Andriy, one of this group of friends, went to Regina last week with seven other Ukrainians as part of the NetCorps group. It felt so strange to be standing at the gates of Ostroh Academy at 5am last Saturday to see them off. Not only are they the successors to my first project, but Iíll still be here when they all come back three months from now. It boggles my mind."

return to Ukraine Canada Corps exchange, and other travels