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PS21 - Christmas

Ostroh Christmas Celebration (December 25th, 2005)

Lee and I joined the NetCorps team in celebrating Christmas Eve and Morning at Jocelyn's cottage.

Will and Ilona

Ilona and her Canadian counterpart Dee-anna

Olya and Olivier

Christmas Morning:

Dee-anna worked all night and all morning sewing little momentos for her mates!

Ha-ha! Lee did something pretty cool; he didn't want me or him to feel left out, so he made us our own socks! Quite literally, as you'll see if you go back a bit and look at the picture of him with the guitar. ("I'll be needing that sock back...")

John and his new map!

On Christmas night, Oxana and I went out for a chat, and on our way we came upon a gathering in the square. I was preparing to go to Poland:

"And now my things – my life – are strewn about the floor: suitcases, CD spindles, notebooks, socks, Polish dictionaries, my passport…

"I went out to meet Oxana one last time; we chanced upon the Ostroh tree-lighting ceremony [see video], and then we went to Taverna. She’s one of the Japanophiles I mentioned, and I promised to write her if I ever got there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good company that evening. After being up most of the previous night at the NetCorps cottage, fatigue was seriously kicking in. I was telling Oxana how to spell my last name, because she was saving my address in her phone. I remember saying, “A” and then my mind’s eye saw pretty animated pictures in the phone display… BAM! my outstretched hand comes down on the table, almost spilling our beers."

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