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PS21 - Ottawa

July 7th, 2005: well, I'm off

Photos from the pre-departure sessions in Ottawa where we spent a few days in preparation for our Canada Corps e-governance program in Ukraine. We had excellent pre-departure traning courtesy of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute in Gatineau (across the river from Ottawa).

My going-away party at Maxwell's Plum (Halifax, Nova Scotia) on July 2nd, the night before I went to Ottawa to join the pre-departure sessions. That's John, Mark, Jonathan, and my cousin Catherine.

An indoor fountain in Ottawa International Airport - my very first picture of the trip.

Ottawa's Notre-Dame Cathedral, across from the National Gallery of Canada.

An MT-AT walker from the planet Cardia, featured in the Jedi Academy novels. Or it could be a legitimate sculpture. That's Vlad on the left, he's a Program Manager with Canada World Youth - and in the middle is Shelley (Alberta), one of the seven participants in our program.

Parliament Hill, as seen from the Ottawa River.

The Ottawa side of the Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, which leads to Gatineau, Québec (and also, ultimately, our hotel).

Again, the Alexandra Bridge, looking across to Gatineau.

View of Gatineau, Québec from the Alexandra Bridge.

Lee in a memoribilia display at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (Gatineau, QC).

Me, in front of a replica Ukrainian Bookstore at the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

The Grand Hall of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Ryan, Shannon (a nice girl from PEI), and Lee, still in the Museum.

The entrance of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, taken while I was waiting for Barb to come pick me up for dinner. The architect, Douglas Cardinal, had also designed the Grande Prairie Regional College, a major fixture on my previous CWY program in Grande Prairie, Alberta - so now we're coming full circle!

And now we get a little peek at Ottawa again...

Barb picked me up in her PT Crusier and took me to dinner! On the right is Laura, my second cousin whom I hadn't met until that day, and Neil in the middle is my first cousin once removed, and Barb is his wife.

(I just couldn't decide which one was better; the one with the flash, or the one without.)

And here we are dressed up in front of the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada, waiting for a cab to take us back to Gatineau. We'd just met with the Acting Ambassador and his staff, and Matthew Pearce (the President of Canada World Youth at the time) was also with us. That's Lee (Alberta), Amy (British Columbia) and Roch (Québec).

The girls crossing back over Somerset Street, having searched for our cab.

Our group poses for a farewell shot at the Canadian Foreign Service Institute, where we held our pre-departure sessions. From left to right: Roch (Québec), Kelly (our fearless facilitator), Sheryle (Alberta), Shelley (Alberta), Amy (British Columbia), Lindsay (Ontario), William (Nova Scotia).

Sheryle tries some new headgear.

Here we are in front of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute, waiting for cabs again.

The sign in front of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute (Gatineau, Québec), in all its Federal glory.

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