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PS21 - Netishyn

The city of Netishyn is just a few minutes away from Ostroh, so we visited often. The city's reason to be is its nuclear power plant, but as far as planned cities from Soviet times go, Netishyn is vibrant and seemingly sustainable.

Guess it's not market day after all.

Roman invited me out with the gang and we went by bicycle to enjoy some prime fishing at the artificial cooling ponds near the power plant. (The water is perfectly normal, it just circulates in and out of the cooling towers.)

Arriving at the ponds, we quickly get set up...

Foreground: Roman, my host brother.

Netishyn Reactors and cooling ponds, Netishyn, Ukraine.

Getting ready to fish...

Once in a while, someone catches a frog. We just toss them back.

These fish are about to go for a bike ride. Unfortunately, they won't be coming back... =)

And another froggie!

The catch of the day.

On December 16th we were winding down the program, and we decided to have a little de-briefing dinner in Netishyn:

"Liga" Sports Bar

return to Ukraine Canada Corps exchange, and other travels