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PS21 - Lviv II

October 19th, 2005: Lviv... again

Our journey to Odesa brought us back through Lviv:

"Well, to be succinct, we were unlucky, and it will be Thursday morning, 8am when we reach Odesa. But this has been the greatest day of my vacation yet.

"Sure, we were slightly horrified to discover that we wouldn’t be leaving Lviv until nearly eight o’clock in the evening. I had planned on sitting in the station and reading books all day (I packed several for just such an emergency), but fortunately Shelley showed an interest in going back into the city again, and I was easily talked into it. We left our bags at the left-luggage counter and caught a tram into the city centre (cost: 12¢ per person). We had lunch and split up for a while – I first revisited the graffiti walls with the benefit of daylight..."

Back at the theatre...

I went by the vicinity of the Ivan Franko statue again, this time following walks and trails into the parks that lay beyond it...

After poking around a bit, I found the foot of another long string of parks...

The theme of the monument seems to be anti-fascist. Not that fascism isn't horrible, but let's keep in mind that this was errected by the Soviet communists. It's kind of like Russian murderers protesting about German murderers.

I suppose there's a difference though. Fascists committed unspeakable atrocities against other peoples. Soviet communisits were not all like that. They committed unspeakable atrocities against their own people.

A movie theatre...

A tram depot.

Ivan Franko statue.

"You’ll remember that I mentioned a “Toronto” restaurant way back when? Well, I hadn’t seen it since then, and I was beginning to suspect that it had been a mirage. But I eventually narrowed its location down, found it again, marked it on my map, and then took Shelley there so we could eat.

So what was it like? Well, it was Toronto in name only except for a maple-leaf redness motif and some abstract art featuring the City Hall, the CN Tower, and possibly other landmarks. They had pretty good pizza and salads, and good prices. It was also an extremely popular place for its size, and Shelley and I had a tough time getting a table."

"Millenium" Disco

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