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PS20 - Halifax People & Places

My friend Katie and I were out for a stroll one day...

The Christmas tree and lights at City Hall.

An early-morning bending-bus ride.

New Year's Eve, my last night in Halifax before departing to Poland:

And here we are at Jonathan's party (the fellow on the right), with Frank (left), and John (centre).

Andrew, a funny, opinionated fellow.

This is my buddy Alex who lives on my street and is going to NSCAD. This setup is part of his photography project, and I came over to help him out.

These are my photos; I'm sure his are better.

Okay, this person should just be shot.

At my friend Carla's recent party. She and Dan made a bunch of little signs to direct potential partygoers to the appropriate downstairs entrance.

It was a white-trash / redneck themed party.

When I first pulled up the car in front of her house, I jumped out of the drivers seat and stared into the sunset, jaw agape. My photo doesn't even begin to capture the beauty of this place.

Dan, Devin, and Krista, the next morning.

Don't read that the wrong way.

Point Pleasant Park, on the southern tip of the Halifax peninsula.

This old structure has been seen in many Michael Fox films, including The Hyrulean Adventure and Lylian True.

Sailboats, kicking off the season in the Harbour.

It turned out that Roch from the Canada Corps program was staying in Duncan Cove, a short drive from Halifax! One day I went down to see him, and we went for a magnificent hike.

Duncan Cove.

After that I drove up to Chebucto Head, where the Harbour meets the Ocean.

They have a lighthouse and a radar station here. I love the idea that there could be a bunch of German tourists tempted to touch the wires that would need to be warned off.

You can tell that sign's been there a while: "MPH." Yes, there was once a time when Nova Scotia wasn't metric.

Back in Civilization, they're temporairily relocating the Barrington Street Bus Terminal until some construction work is done. Look how they wrote down the bus numbers in permanent marker! Isn't that too cute?

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