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PS20 - Family

I got to spend some time in PEI in April, which meant I got to see my little sisters for the first time in over a year.

Ila's pretty quick about finding things to play with.

Melaney, Ila, Rae, and Dad out on one of the fields in early April. It's still quite cold on PEI in April, and there were only a handful of days that peaked above ten degrees (though those days were much appreciated).

This is Uncle Shane's way of letting Aunt Shirley know we should turn up the heat.

Aunt Shirley and Heather, at Mary's birthday party.

Rae, at the birthday party for the cat.

Rae and the birthday cat.

This is a new chicken pen - they had loads of fun with this.

Angela and Nathaniel in December '04.

Stuart and Grampy, at Stuart's graduation from Dartmouth High School (he'd just returned his gown).

Colin and I. I guess Nanny hasn't quite got the hang of the digital camera, but I appreciate the effort. =)

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