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PS20 - Calmar

Immeadiately after the program was over in Edmonton, I headed a few miles down the road and went to stay with my cousins on their farm near Calmar. Seetwantee at the office was kind enough to book my flight back to Halifax a few days later than necessary so that I could spend some time with them.

Amber and Neil, on Neil's ATV.

Neil and Amber took me down off one of the nearby fields to see a gorge. It must be really something in the summer.

Barn clothes come in very handy around here...

Bill and Flora and the kids gave me a tour of the surrounding countryside, including some impressive oil installations and power generators. It's quite remarkable how much industry there is in the rural areas of Alberta these days.


Flora and Amber by the lakeshore.

Guess we'll have to postpone the swim until my next visit.

That's an impressive shovel. If you're lost for a sense of scale, look at the windows.

I think the business here is coal. Anyway, they build special roads just for their vehicles, which aren't anything close to being road legal.

When I was little, I used to look at power lines and wonder (often aloud) where they led. I think that if I had seen this as a kid, I'd have thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Our last evening. Thanks for the memories!

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