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PS8j - Digital Experimentations from Souris

I guess by definition all of the PS8j pictures are digital, but this digital scenery was recorded with a Kodak digital camera just purchased by Souris Regional High School. The pictures it takes are superior to the Mavica's; it's not getting a fair shake here because I downsized the photos to be only 600 pixels wide (to match the Mavica series), yet they still look better. That said, I could live with feeding floppy disks into a Mavica again. It was just the right mix of the latest trend and retro coolness.

I challenge anyone to tell me that CPA's solarium is half as cool as this mezzanine. I mean, think of the possibilities! How many first-floor / second-floor conversations have been enabled with this thing. I also wonder why a Jackie Chan-esque stunt hasn't been pulled off here: "The hell with the stairs, my school bus is leaving, so I'm jumpin' over!" Come to think of it, I should have snapped a shot from the lower level.

These people probably knew that their pictures were going to be taken that day, because the photos are perfectly fine. Imagine being snapped some day when you didn't have time to take a shower before coming to school! Your photo would be left to hang and be laughed at for generations! (In high school terms, a 'generation' means three years.)

And look at these benches! Look how many of them there are! I mean, the whole SRHS class of 1999 could sit here!

Look at this clutter! How are those poor Guidance Counsellors and Seminar Givers ever going to find their books in this mess? =) Honestly, I think it's all a front for a mob operation or something. This room was absolutely dark, I took this picture to test the flash on the camera before having any idea of what was in the room.

This is my uncle, Shane MacClure, star of his very own video.

Another nice sky photo for my collection, taken through the window of the SRHS staff room. See if you can find where I cloned out the dead bug on the window. =)

"Souris 'Skyline' as viewed from Staff Room"

"Extremely Cold Winter Day With Bleak Horizon as viewed from Staff Room"

There is nothing further east of here. Souris is the end of all civilization.

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