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            Links to all pages made by Will Matheson can be found here. This page was created for the purpose of my not having to write "" on a piece of paper every single time someone wanted to visit my web page, only for them to report back and say they couldn't get in because they typed the slashes in wrong.

Future members of the "Will Matheson Web Ring":

            Will Matheson's CPA-Related GeoCities Page. The site about my high school which you probably came here to see, it features my election logs, a guestbook that has become something of a legend, a novella called "The CPA Revolution", information about our Student's Council, some MIDI files, satirical "essays", links to almost every student web page I know of, and other stuff to boot. Located at GeoCities, sporting over 900 hits since it opened in February '98.

            Site 'B'. If you didn't come here to see that page, then you came to see this. Site 'B' is my Star Trek review page, featuring thoughtful reviews, ratings, and my opinion from September '98 onward. But please don't expect me to even attempt to compete with TrekWeb, Armagosa, or Jammer's Review! Located at GeoCities, don't even ask how many hits it got, that is an embarrassing statistic.

            The ICQ Idiot List. A short-lived attempt to warn the universe about idiots on ICQ, it sprang to life and then skidded to death. This site will receive no more maintenance. Located at AngelFire, no counter.

Contacting Will:
By now I'm sure you're wondering who I am and how to get in touch with me. Well, I can't help you too much on the first part, but here's how to contact me: (Please don't even try to e-mail me at school as our copy of Pegasus doesn't work anymore.)

            By E-Mail:
            At school: (good luck!)
            Over the ICQ network: 10615048
            Over the AOL Instant Messenger: will grm

            Thanks for visiting!

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