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We are sorry. The page you were looking for,, simply does not exist. We here at Will Matheson's CPA-Related GeoCities Page are deeply sorry for this neglect. But if Will really had a hit list, it would be here, now, wouldn't it? 

Click on one of the GeoAvenues below and explore our members' great pages. You won't find any of Will's pages in here!
Arts & Literature
A quiet corner for people who appreciate the fine arts and enjoy cheap jargon that no one understands.
Home & Living
Improve your life, your health, your sex, and your home.
From restoring to racing to buying - everything for the auto enthusiast with mega $$.
People & Chat
Talk about relationships and dating with people just like you. Ha-ha! Like you're going to find a special someone.
Business & Money
The financial and investing capital of GeoCities. A very small town.
Whether you're a bargain-hunter or a big spender, stop by here when you learn to cyber-validate credit cards.
Campus Life
The college student's one-stop resource for learning and lounging and casual sex.
Endless varieties of world views, cultures, tastes, and traditions.
Computers & Technology
Geek out with all the latest in tech, science, zit faced nerds, and the Web.
Where sports and outdoor enthusiasts replenish their lifeblood.
Home to TV junkies, movie buffs, music lovers, and games maniacs.
Ahh... escapism..... from my web page. Travel tips and fabulous getaways.
Family & Kids
Home sweet home for parents, kids and pets, even if you're from a family where they're all the same.
Empower yourself with info on careers, family, the female world domination movement, and fashion.

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