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Welcome to the Will Matheson's CPA-Related GeoCities Page Official Survey (which is not replacing the guestbook)!! For the month of December, our theme is:

Will's Yearbook Write-up!!

MEANING: I thought that this was a convenient way to compile one of those little yearbook write-ups (...tht ws fun dnt u thnk! - AJ my tht **er n da cr rely scrwd us up bd!! - RP lts go & bt up mr whtmn agn tht ws rel fn!). NOTE: The results from the first part of this survey (with the exception of what goes in the write-up box) is only known to me... but results in the numbered part ARE... and no, your name isn't with them! Check this page for the latest results!

The December Survey

Please tell me your name:  (Do not press enter)

What would you like to see in the yearbook under Will Matheson?  (Do not press enter)

How did you get to this web page?  (Do not press enter)


1A) Do you go to or teach at CPA?
 Yes, I sure do!
 Nope, I'm one of the lucky ones.
1B) What 'grade' are you in?

Grade Ten
Grade Eleven
Grade Twelve
Returning Non-graduate
Returning Graduate
Teacher - less than 5 years
Teacher - 5 to 15 years
Teacher - more than 15 years
Teacher - here from CPA's first year
1C) Who is your favorite teacher?

Favorite teacher:  (Do not press enter)
2) How much do you like Will?
 Pfft! I hate him!
 I don't like him... but I don't wish him any specific harm, either!
 I can tolerate him, sort of...
 I tolerate him.
 In an odd way, he's OK.
 He's pretty cool!
 I love him!
NOTE: If you pressed the last radio button, expect to be tracked down! =)
3A) How often do you visit my page?

Every Day
Once per week
Once per month
Once per year
Think I'm coming back HERE again?!
3B) What is your favorite essay?

"Day of Hell"
"How to be Sensitive so that Girls Will Like You"
"High School: It's A Concept - The Parody"
"In The News"
"How to be a Moron"
"The Ideal Practical Joke"
"Comprehensive Survey"
"                                 "
"The Inaugural Meeting"
"The CPA Revolution - The Plot Unfolds"
"The CPA Revolution - 20,000 Bricks Under the Roof"
"The CPA Revolution - Worst Case Scenario"
"The CPA Revolution - Realistic Scenario"
"The CPA Revolution - Best Case Scenario"
"The CPA Revolution - Afterword"
("The CPA Revolution" in general)
"CLM and PAL"
"The History of the World"
"Retreat Into Darkness"
"I Requested Congo"
"Offensive Content"
"The CPA Constitution"
"Mr. Barry Has Nothing on Me"

NOTE: When finished, press "Send this to Will!!".

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